Bankruptcy Doesn’t Always Provide A “Fresh Start” For Entrepreneurs

TLDR: For small businesses facing bankruptcy, the path to a fresh start isn’t cheap. America entrepreneurs start new businesses each year but they don’t all become successes. Indeed, many startups fail but most entrepreneurs will strive to learn from the mistakes of past ventures and try again. Unfortunately it isn’t easy for many entrepreneurs to […]

SEC Finally Moves Forward On Crowdfunding Rules For Small Businesses

TLDR: Nearly three years after the law was signed, the Securities and Exchange Commission has taken an important step toward implementing the so-called JOBS Act. It’s been years since the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law but one of the major components has yet to be fully implemented, i.e. crowdfunding. Indeed, […]

Small Businesses Are Likely To Invest In Technology This Year

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More Cadillac Tax Guidance Trickles From Government Officials

TLDR: A number of matters are awaiting forthcoming guidance—or congressional action. The Affordable Care Act’s “Cadillac Tax” will require employers to pay a nondeductible 40 percent excise tax on the value of any health coverage that is in excess of $10,200 for single coverage and $27,500 for non-single (family) coverage. Although the Cadillac Tax doesn’t […]

More Businesses Are Going Digital To Grow

TLDR: Organizations’ efforts to go digital, and drive growth through digitization, are picking up steam. But many have more work to do before they can scale their efforts and see material impact. More and more organizations are feeling compelled to “go digital” but there are a wide variety of strategic objectives behind the digital programs […]

Cyber-threats Exists For Small Businesses Too

TLDR: The arguments from a decade ago for why hackers aren’t concerned with small businesses no longer carry that much weight and cyber-threats are now a very real problems SMBs must deal with. Why would hackers target my small company? It’s attitudes like that which are actually leading to an increased rate of cyber-attacks on […]

There Are A Few Business Components That Shouldn’t Be Virtualized

TLDR: Virtualization delivers a host of benefits — but that doesn’t mean that everything is a good fit for a virtual environment. We’ve explored several areas in which virtualization can improve productivity, security, and lower costs for your business. However, there are also several areas where virtualization shouldn’t be incorporated into your business and here […]

What Goes Into A Winning Startup Pitch

TLDR: Here are a few factors that can help. Entrepreneurs should strive for the opportunity to speak to a large audience of potential investors where they can pitch their latest startup venture. There are many ways to go about getting in front of such an audience including attending conferences and joining startup accelerators. Regardless of […]

Small Businesses Shouldn’t Give Up On Facebook Just Yet

TLDR: Facebook may have its faults but it is still one of the most powerful tools small business owners have at their disposal. A lot of recent focus in the media has been on how the social networking giant Facebook is losing a lot of its luster, and several studies have found that 70 percent […]

A Review Of Ways To Help Move A Negotiation Forward

TLDR: The goal of any negotiation is to reach agreement, but unfortunately the journey there is usually painful. There are a lot of reasons why a negotiation will suddenly break down. In many situations deal talks run into trouble because the two sides can’t agree on some detail but such situations occur more frequently when […]