eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending January 26, 2018, features our 2018 Compliance Guide free for you to download. Plus, companies respond to the new tax law by increasing employee compensation and Amazon Go is changing the face of retail.

But we’re not stopping with just one free resource this week. You can also download eESI bulletins detailing 2018’s top human resource trends, the new Department of Labor standards for using interns, and the new employer tax credit for paid medical and family leave.


Learn about eight trending legal concerns, ten OSHA top violations, and more in our free 2018 Compliance Guide.

2018 promises to be a year of change for employment regulation and compliance as the Trump administration acts to ease regulatory burdens on businesses large and small. But there are also 8 significant legal trends that can catch you unaware.  To help you navigate the changing legal landscape, we put together our free 2018 Compliance Guide.

Download this free guide to find out what happened in employment law and compliance in 2017, what the new trends are for 2018, and how you can protect your company. 


2018 HR Compliance Guide eESI Free Download



Plus, find out what legal experts Lisa Nagele-Piazza and Allen Smith predict will be the 8 Workplace Legal Trends for 2018 as shared in their January 2, 2018, article for SHRM.


Hundreds of employers respond to tax reform by sharing the wealth.

The Washington Examiner reports that hundreds of companies have awarded bonuses or increased wages to employees in response to the passage of the GOP’s tax reform bill. In 250 companies offering ‘Trump bonuses,’ up 525%, reporter Paul Bedard details the latest additions to the growing list of companies sharing the wealth.


Amazon Go stores serve as a harbinger of the retail future to come.

In the store of the future, there is no cash and no cashiers. So reports Inc. contributor Bill Murphy, Jr. in Amazon Go Is the No-Money, No-Line Store of the Future. It Opens Today. He writes that staff at the Amazon store check ID’s in the liquor department and restock shelves but there’s no one minding the check-outs (because there aren’t any.) Instead, a series of cameras track shoppers’ every move to make sure they are charged for each item selected.


Adopt these nighttime habits for more productive days.

You can set yourself up for daytime success by programming your mind before you go to sleep. In 4 Nighttime Habits That Will Keep You More Rested, Motivated, and Productive (and They Only Take 5 Minutes), Julian Hayes, II tells Inc. readers exactly how to do it.


What are the latest technologies and regulations affecting HR? Download these three bulletins to find out.

With so many changes affecting the workplace, it can be hard to keep track of it all. But don’t worry, we’re here for you. We’ve put together a series of bulletins highlighting the HR trends and regulatory changes that you need to know.


Download these documents and share them with your staff to keep everyone up to date and in the know for 2018:

HR Insights: 6 HR Trends to Monitor in 2018

Discover what we uncovered about:


Compliance Bulletin: DOL Announces New Standards for Unpaid Interns

The six-part test has been replaced with the “primary beneficiary” test. This bulletin explains what has changed.


Compliance Bulletin: New Employer Tax Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave

Employers may be able to take a tax credit for certain leave pay. Find out what you need to do to qualify.