eESI Week’s Best This Week Talks About Healthcare Trends, a Surging Economy and the Latest Happenings in HR


This week, our top picks include a special report on the trends that will shape healthcare plans in 2018. Plus, we share the positive news from November’s economic reports, a primer on Bitcoin, and tips for starting the day off right. HR news this week includes a look at compensation in the past, holiday parties at the present, and HR practices for the future.


eEsi-specially for you.

What’s trending in employer-sponsored healthcare benefits as we enter 2018? From biometric scans to wellness plans, we’ve prepared a special report 2018 Healthcare Trends with all the details.  It’s a free download, so just click the image and get your free copy.  This is something you’ll want to review before you select a plan in 2018.  


eESI 2018 Healthcare Trends Free Report Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Benefits


The economy is trending up.

Several reports from November presented good news for the economy writes Patti Domm of CNBC’s Market Insider in Stronger November jobs report shows solid economy and best of all worlds for stocks. Domm explains that slowed inflation and growing payrolls are paving the way for stock market gains.


Bitcoin is trendy and up.

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin, Inc.’s Guadalupe Gonzalez warns us to focus on information, not hype. Start gathering information about cryptocurrencies with this Inc. Tip Sheet video, Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin in 2 Minutes.


Your optimal daily routine may not be what you would expect.

This Business Insider article, What your daily routine should look like, according to science, may catch you by surprise. Skip your shower, hold off on that first cup of coffee, and breakfast is optional writes BI science correspondent, Erin Brodwin.  See how your morning routine stacks up in this informative article.


Happenings in HR–Past, present, and future.

With a look at the past, SHRM’s Stephen Miller gives us 4 Key Compensation Trends in 2017. Miller notes that new laws and internal rules are changing the way employers determine employees’ salaries. Employers should expect to make further changes in the coming year.


Reporting on current happenings, Kathy Gurchiek writes Back Away from the Mistletoe: Holiday Parties Get Post-Weinstein Makeover. This year more employers plan to skip the drinks and turn up the lights at the annual office get-together.


Meanwhile, Beth Mirza offers SHRM readers a peek at the future with this What’s Out and What’s In for 2018 infographic. Experts predict employers will need to adjust their management styles to appeal to 2018’s talent pool.

And, as Christmas approaches, we thought we’d bring you another top-rated Ad from the UK in their viewer Daily Mail poll – looks like the Brits really enjoy tracking these things.

Enjoy Your Weekend.