Posting Requirements for Remote Workers

We are a property management company and have maintenance workers who travel to different properties and who visit the central office periodically (not regularly). The maintenance workers are the only employees who visit or work from these property locations. Do we have to post the federal and state notices at each property or is one posting at the central office sufficient? Thank you.

To ensure compliance with federal and state posting requirements, you likely should post the notices at the properties the employees visit if those properties are their primary workplace.

Generally, posters explaining employees’ rights should be posted in conspicuous places upon your organization’s premises where notices to employees and job applicants for employment are customarily posted.

Examples of “conspicuous places” include personnel offices, employee bulletin boards, employee break areas, and wherever else the employer normally posts these types of notices.

Unfortunately, there is no regulation specifically stating exactly how many posters should be up or where (or even if) they should be placed at remote work locations. The key issue to consider is whether you have sufficient numbers of posters to accurately inform all of your employees of their rights under the various laws that require notices to be posted.

So, in this situation where the maintenance workers are spending most of their time at different properties and do not come to the central office very often, your best practice likely is to post notices at the different properties where the employees work to ensure they have seen the notices.

Alternatively, you may be able to post the notices on an Intranet or the Internet if your employees have access to a computer and are alerted that these notices are available and should be viewed and then sign off that they have viewed them. This Intranet/Internet posting in addition to posting at the central office may satisfy the posting requirements as long as the employees have computer access. If they don’t have computer access, then posting on an Intranet/Internet would not be sufficient.

– Cheryl Zang


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