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In HR, A New Study in Harvard Business Review found that Hiring Wrong is the number one money waster for business owners.  The article explains why hiring the wrong candidates is such an expensive mistake, and compares more than a dozen other issues that hurt companies.  Learn more about how your company can hire the ‘right’ people at the bottom of today’s blog.

In Leadership, you can pick up three great tips for improving your public speaking in Business Insider’s’ ‘Breakdown of the Speech that Won the 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking.’ 

And, in Personal Productivity, ‘Gaining Weight as You Age’ helps you understand ‘why’ weight gain happens, but the article’s worth reading because of the simple secrets it reveals that will really help you lose that weight and improve your health.

Hiring wrong is a major issue for all companies, but if you want help hiring the ‘right’ people to help you grow, give us a call at 888-465-1171.  Finding the right people for your company is one of the things we do best at eESI.

Enjoy your weekend.