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Welcome to our Week in Review …

In HR, there’s been a lot written about performance reviews the past few month, most of it concluding they really aren’t very helpful.  But TLNT’s article, ‘Getting Rid of Performance Reviews Is Not the Answer‘ brings a little balance to the controversy, suggesting that there is real value in performance reviews when they are conducted with certain caveats.  And, ‘The 5 Biggest Recruiting Myths Too Many Companies Believe‘ contains sound, practical recruiting insights that can help a company think about the process in a productive way.

In Productivity, Tony Robbins’ video ‘How to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk‘ was one of the most watched videos of August, obviously striking a much-need chord for a lot of Business Insider readers.  The video has sound, practical advice and is worth the time investment if you find yourself feeling down.

In Leadership, Inc’s 10 Ways Toxic Bosses Scare Away Employees provides a few insights that can help you with your management style – worth the read.  A new study by McKinsey & Company, entitled the ‘CEO Guide to Customer Experience‘ reveals that viewing customer experience as ‘journeys, not touch points’ is the best way to grow your company – a very insightful and helpful report. And, if you’re returning from vacation and need to get back in your groove, ‘9 Things Highly Productive People When Returning from Vacation’ provides practical advice from those who are doing it successfully.

In Sales & Marketing, Harvard Business Review’s ‘The Best People Do What the Best Brands Do’ contains useful insights that can sharpen your sales team’s strategic approach to growth.

Enjoy your weekend.