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The Power of Sincere Praise in Employee Performance

    5.6 to 1 – that is the magic formula.  Why is that number important?  According to Harvard Business Review, it represents the ratio between sincere praise and criticism in companies with high performing teams.  And, that number is stark in its contrast with average or low-performing teams.  In this job market, where one […]

Oct 28 – eESI Week’s Best – 12 Ways to Keep Great Employees | Obamacare Premiums Rise 25% | Cyber-Security | Scientists Discover CO2 to Ethanol Conversion

  In the News … Well, Halloween is on Monday, but the scarier issue may be Obamacare.  The White House announced that Obamcare Premiums Are Rising 25%, on average, in 2016 – that story in Business Insider … October is also Cyber-Security month, and recent findings suggest that it is now time all small business owners addressed how […]

Oct 25- Cyber-Security: An Issue All Businesses Need to Address

60% of U.S. businesses will experience a breach of sensitive data this year, and 68% of funds compromised by cyber security issues are uncoverable, according to a recent article entitled, 28 Cyber Security Statistics that Will Inspire You (to protect yourself).  Cyber Security has become a significant problem for U.S. business, as evidenced by the 150% growth […]

October 7, 2016 – eESI Week’s Best – Colorado CEO Forum, ‘Same-Side’ Selling for Powerful Sales | Business Hurricane Guide | Toxic Employees | Creating Your Personal Brand

         In the News, Hurricane Matthew makes its way up the southeastern coast of the U.S..  It is a good time for Texas and Colorado businesses to review how to prepare for a hurricane or natural disaster.  We’ve taken the business preparation page from the the U.S. Weather.gov website to provide you a […]

September 30 – Congress Delays FLSA OT Rule | Job Market Dictates Rising Salaries | 50 Icons Prove Success at Any Age | The Eldercare Epidemic

Congress passed a bill yesterday delaying implementation of the new OT Rules from the Department of Labor.  This article from SHRM has the details. In HR, TLNT posted an article entitled, Eldercare: The Invisible Epidemic.  15 million Americans currently care for their parents, and the number is growing rapidly.  Caring for our parents is an […]