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September 23 – This Week’s Best

   Seven weeks and counting … the 2016 Presidential election is upon us.  The result will have a dramatic effect on many issues, but one of the most significant is healthcare.  Our feature story, How the 2016 Presidential Election Could Affect Your Healthcare, focuses on the impact a Clinton or Trump presidency could have on […]

September 16 – More Companies Turn to PEOs for Benefits | 10 Dumb Rules That Make Great Employees Quit | How to Quit Procrastinating | 4 Industries Undergoing Revolutions

       It’s official, according to BenefitsPro, studies show that ‘More Companies are Turning to PEOs to solve their benefits issues.  Find out why in our lead article. In HR, Steve Boese showed us some charts that explain why ‘There is Almost No One Left to Fill Your Job Openings.’  Add to that SHRM’s article […]

September 13 – Congress is Weighing Aide for Underfunded Pension Plans

According to this recent report in SHRM, more than a million Americans currently have their retirement savings in union-managed multi-employer pension plans that are severely distressed and headed for default in the near future. On Sept. 8, a plan was introduced in Congress to modernize the multi-employer pension system. The plan outlined the following: Benefits […]

Sept 6 – Study Shows Healthcare Costs Increasing

Health care costs keep rising, taking a larger share of paychecks and company budgets. That’s the finding of a recent SHRM article, Healthcare Taking a Bigger Bite Out of Paychecks,  that focuses on the findings of their 2016 survey of 2,124 SHRM members. According to the study, the average cost of providing health care makes up […]

Aug 26 – Study Says ‘Hiring Wrong’ Top Business Problem | 3 Public Speaking Tips from 2016 Champion | Why You Gain Weight as You Age

   In HR, A New Study in Harvard Business Review found that ‘Hiring Wrong‘ is the number one money waster for business owners.  The article explains why hiring the wrong candidates is such an expensive mistake, and compares more than a dozen other issues that hurt companies.  Learn more about how your company can hire […]