We are all involved in selling – ourselves, our services, our brand.  But every once in a while a sales approach rocks the foundations and screams for attention.  Ian Altman, author of ‘Same-Side Selling’ is such an author, and his sales techniques can grow any business – they are sound, wise, and true.  Join […]

September 30 – Congress Delays FLSA OT Rule | Job Market Dictates Rising Salaries | 50 Icons Prove Success at Any Age | The Eldercare Epidemic

Congress passed a bill yesterday delaying implementation of the new OT Rules from the Department of Labor.  This article from SHRM has the details. In HR, TLNT posted an article entitled, Eldercare: The Invisible Epidemic.  15 million Americans currently care for their parents, and the number is growing rapidly.  Caring for our parents is an […]

September 27 – The Job Market Gets Tighter, Salaries and Risks Rise

    More companies are hiring, but they are having to increase salary offers to close the right candidates, according to a morning post in SHRM. According to Roy Maurer’s report, “Hiring increased for 69 percent of employers in the past year, especially in health care, retail and finance, according to respondents. One-third (35 percent) of […]

September 23 – This Week’s Best

   Seven weeks and counting … the 2016 Presidential election is upon us.  The result will have a dramatic effect on many issues, but one of the most significant is healthcare.  Our feature story, How the 2016 Presidential Election Could Affect Your Healthcare, focuses on the impact a Clinton or Trump presidency could have on […]

September 20 – The Impact the Presidential Election Could Have on Healthcare

It’s here, the 2016 Presidential election – just 7 weeks away.  Studies show it is one of the most divisive elections in recent history. There are many issues that will be affected by who wins the election, not least of which is healthcare. This election could bring significant changes to the U.S. health care system. […]

September 16 – More Companies Turn to PEOs for Benefits | 10 Dumb Rules That Make Great Employees Quit | How to Quit Procrastinating | 4 Industries Undergoing Revolutions

       It’s official, according to BenefitsPro, studies show that ‘More Companies are Turning to PEOs to solve their benefits issues.  Find out why in our lead article. In HR, Steve Boese showed us some charts that explain why ‘There is Almost No One Left to Fill Your Job Openings.’  Add to that SHRM’s article […]

September 13 – Congress is Weighing Aide for Underfunded Pension Plans

According to this recent report in SHRM, more than a million Americans currently have their retirement savings in union-managed multi-employer pension plans that are severely distressed and headed for default in the near future. On Sept. 8, a plan was introduced in Congress to modernize the multi-employer pension system. The plan outlined the following: Benefits […]

September 9 – New iPhone 7 Summary | Year End Benefit Plan Deadlines | 1 Key to a Happier Workplace

News – The iPhone 7 was released this week, and  Apple iPhone 7: Everything You Need to Know provides all the details.  But, if you’re considering whether to go iPhone or Android, then this article, Comparing the iPhone 7 v. the Best Androids will be very helpful. In HR, 2017 is on the horizon, and year-end […]

Sept 6 – Study Shows Healthcare Costs Increasing

Health care costs keep rising, taking a larger share of paychecks and company budgets. That’s the finding of a recent SHRM article, Healthcare Taking a Bigger Bite Out of Paychecks,  that focuses on the findings of their 2016 survey of 2,124 SHRM members. According to the study, the average cost of providing health care makes up […]

September 2 – FLSA Lawsuits Increase – What You Should Do | Millennials Want Pet Insurance | 6 Productivity Tips

  A recent article in TLNT reveals the significant increase in FLSA lawsuits – 465% since 1995.  And, with this year’s new OT guidelines set to begin December 1st, you can bet the DOL is ready to enforce the new rules; one can expect an even more significant rise in lawsuits as attorneys realize new […]