August 31 – FLSA Lawsuits are Increasing … Here’s What You Should Do

CLICK THIS LINK FOR A FREE PROPOSAL OR TO LEARN MORE. A recent article in TLNT from Amy Bailey at Coopers Lybrand, FLSA Lawsuits are Increasing – Here’s What You Should Do, documents the staggering increase in FLSA lawsuits – 465% since 1995.  Expect that number to increase significantly with the new OT rules set […]

Aug 26 – Study Says ‘Hiring Wrong’ Top Business Problem | 3 Public Speaking Tips from 2016 Champion | Why You Gain Weight as You Age

   In HR, A New Study in Harvard Business Review found that ‘Hiring Wrong‘ is the number one money waster for business owners.  The article explains why hiring the wrong candidates is such an expensive mistake, and compares more than a dozen other issues that hurt companies.  Learn more about how your company can hire […]

Tuesday, August 23 – The Future of Work | High Court Sides with Employee Fired for Smoking Pot | A Twist on ‘Passion and Success’ |Texas Wins the Olympics

     Now that the Olympics are finished, you might like to know that ‘Texas Won the Olympics,’ at least according to Leif Reigstad at Texas Monthly. In HR, a Federal Court Struck Down Implementation of President Obama’s Transgender Guidelines in Texas schools, at least until the case is settled at the Supreme Court.  And, Connecticut’s […]

August 19 – How to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk (VIDEO) | Toxic Bosses | Recruiting Myths |9 Best Ways to Return from Vacation|

  Welcome to our Week in Review … In HR, there’s been a lot written about performance reviews the past few month, most of it concluding they really aren’t very helpful.  But TLNT’s article, ‘Getting Rid of Performance Reviews Is Not the Answer‘ brings a little balance to the controversy, suggesting that there is real […]

eESI Blog Aug 9 – Zika | Rio Tech | IRS Alert | Memory Boosters

      IMPORTANT NEWS – First Zika-Related Death Reported in Texas and What You Should Know.  The Zika virus is spreading throughout Texas, and you need to know about the deadly virus so you can protect yourself.  This article is from this morning’s Houston Chronicle. In Management, a Gallup poll found 82% of managers are ‘terribly […]

Weekend Edition – August 5 – Billionaires – Pokemon Go – Persuasive Words

            This Week in HR, Pokemon Go is the focus with a story about ‘How Your Company Should Respond to Pokemon Go.‘  We also include a Brief Quiz that will help you understand the HR implications.  The city of San Gabriel, California offered a ‘flex’ benefits system that landed them on the […]

The eESI Morning Coffee Blog – Here are Today’s Top Stories

Today’s Top Stories …   In HR, the IRS Issued Preparation Tips for the Next Natural Disaster.  We’ve had our share here in Texas this year, so our eESI release is worth a review.  Let us know if you need assistance or have any questions. TLNT’s ‘5 Signs an Employee is About to Quit‘ helps you identify […]

July 29

  Good Morning, Welcome to Morning Coffee … Here are the week’s Top Stories.         Good Morning, In HR, McKinsey issued a report that revealed 3 Things HR may be getting wrong about people analytics … if you’re looking for work, Business News Daily shared 5 Things You Can’t Skip with Your Next Job […]

Tuesday, July 26

Welcome to ‘Your Morning Coffee’ for Tuesday, July 26.  Here is a summary of content from the past few days …  In HR, TLNT simplifies HR metrics with this article, 4 HR Metrics You Need to Track, and What You Should Do with Them.       And, if you’re going to hire remote workers, TLNT’s article, […]