How does a PEO work?

eESI uses a detailed Customer Service Agreement to legally become the co-employer with our clients. This creates a strengthened relationship that involves and benefits all parties, eESI, your company, and your employees. As your PEO, we become the employer of record to manage client’s needs in the areas of Human Resources (HR) | Risk Management | Employee Benefits | Payroll Administrative services. Your company retains direction and control with all daily activities and employees. And your employees have a complete HR resource for their employment, benefit, and payroll needs.

How does this arrangement help your business?

Establishing a PEO relationship with eESI gives your company several distinct types of operational advantages.

It saves you time and resources by removing daily transactional events.

It reduces employment-related liability which ultimately reduces labor cost by eESI providing and executing those duties allowing you to focus more attention on sales (growth), inventories (efficiencies), and marketing (increase brand awareness).

It then increases profitability through maximizing employee productivity  to ultimately increases revenues

Exploring the impact of PEOs.

Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage through better management of employees is a huge challenge for every size company. eESI specifically helps companies manage the “people side” of their business more effectively, avoiding compliance pitfalls and creating key benefits for the business and its employees, while simultaneously freeing up time for owners and executives to concentrate on growing their business by focusing on operations, strategy, and innovation. With eESI companies can:

  • Offer a broad array of benefits to their employees at a lower cost than companies that don’t use eESI.
  • Many of these benefits have much higher participation rates among employees of eESI clients.
  • These benefits play a major role in helping businesses attract and retain employees.
  • The broad array of HR services offered by eESI also makes it possible for executives to focus their attention on the core business.
  • All these factors pay off: eESI clients have higher growth rates than other small businesses.

Specific examples of the PEO arrangement.

We can reduce 83 different responsibilities that you now take on yourself and reduce them to 8 key activities without the busywork or the liabilities.

PEO clients grow faster.

The most fundamental reason the majority of small business owners hire PEOs like eESI is to relieve themselves of the major administrative burden associated with HR, thereby freeing themselves to do what they do best: focus on business. Since 2010, employment growth among PEO clients has been 9% higher than other small businesses (based on the Intuit Small Business Employment Index), and 4% higher than employment growth in the U.S. economy overall.