Well, Christmas and the holidays are here, and the close of 2016 approaches.  It has been a year of change and uncertainty, especially for small business owners.

SHRM posted two reviews that summarize what has taken place in 2016: The Top 6 Compensation Stories of 2016 and 2016’s Top Benefits Stories.  Both articles grant you a preview of what to expect in 2017.

You will find a brief snapshot of our coming January ‘Small Business Trends’ report in this week’s blog.  The blog post focuses on three of 2017’s important trends: video, remote employment, and app development.

In Money, if you’d like to improve your personal finances in 2017, you may want to read 9 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2017 – an eESI post.

In HR, the IRS provided guidelines for changes needed to keep retirement plans compliant; you’ll find the article on our website. And, the January HR Update reveals what you may expect regarding ACA and the FLSA Overtime Rule.  You’ll also find ACA discussed at length in our 2017 Q1 Benefits Bulletin.

In Personal Productivity, Inc. posted an interesting article about One Surprising Daily Habit that Makes You Mentally Strong – a counter-intuitive finding backed by scientific research … and, the Fundera Blog published a practical article about 7 Ways Small Business Managers Can De-Stress that Actually Work – a good read for any small business owner.

And, as we approach the holidays, Lifehacker’s 7 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Time Off During the Holidays is a practical read that may help you get ahead by the time you return to the office; idea number seven may not apply to many of you (find a new job), but thinking about ways to recruit and retain top talent may work just as well.  You may want to refer back to The Top 6 Benefits Stories for a few good ideas because some companies are having success attracting new employees by altering their benefits packages.

As Christmas approaches, we leave you with one of the Top Christmas Shorts in the world: a three-minute video animation produced by Sainsbury’s in the UK … enjoy!


From All of Us at eESI, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah !