eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending January 19, 2018, includes news of an economy on the rise and lessons on immigration compliance. Plus, a look at what IoT means and the release by the IRS of updated 2018 tax withholding tables.


Tallying the results of record-setting economic growth.

Reporting on the latest economic figures, CNBC’s Patti Domm this week writes Trump economy’s sustained growth pace unlike anything seen in 13 years. Domm reports that consumer confidence is up and retail sales are too. Some economists caution that 2018 first-quarter results may be lower. Stormy weather may keep shoppers home during the first few months of the year.

Can President Trump take credit for the positive economic results? Even some of the president’s critics are beginning to acknowledge the success of some of his economic policies.  Investor’s Business Daily says yes, too. In its editorial, Love Him or Hate Him, Trump Deserves Credit for Booming Economy, the publisher says business optimism increased following the Trump election win.  In fact, small business optimism is at its highest point ever since they began recording it 45 years ago; stock market records (26,000+), unemployment lows (4.1), and a 3+ U.S. economic growth percentage for the third straight quarter, are fueling it. 

No one know what Q1 will bring, but for now it’s a great ride …  


Immigration raid aftermath.

The Department of Homeland Security stopped by one hundred Texas-based 7-Eleven stores this month to drop off a message. That message, according to Workforce’s Montserrat C. Miller, is that ICE wants businesses to stop drawing illegal immigrants into the country with promises of employment. Miller advises companies to review their Form I-9 employment eligibility verification documents to ensure their compliance with federal immigration laws. You’ll find details in his article, Raid on 7-Elevens a Stark Lesson in I-9 Immigration Compliance.


The Internet of Things? What things?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Internet of Things but aren’t quite sure what that phrase means. No worries. Forbes contributor Bernard Marr wrote What is the Internet of Things– A Complete Beginner’s Guide in 2017 to help you out. Why should you care? Well, that answer comes from Forbes Insights With Hitachi in State of the IoT: Why So Many Business Leaders Are Paying Attention. Shh…your toaster may be listening.


This year’s trending wellness fads and fixes.

Each year brings new information about health and wellness. Forbes contributor Annabel Acton tells us that 2018 will see a return to nature. In 5 Wellness Trends Set to Explode in 2018 she writes that health fans will seek neurotropic vitamins and foods to boost their brains. Then, they’ll attend unplug retreats to get away from their screens.


2018 tax withholding tables ready for release.

They’re here! They’re here! The IRS has released updated income tax-withholding tables for 2018, SHRM’s Stephen Miller tells us. In his article, IRS Issues New Withholding Tables for 2018, Miller walks us through IRS’ schedule. Still to come: an updated Form W-4 and a revised withholding tax calculator at


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This week’s top viral marketing video in the U.S. belongs not to a large national brand but to a Facebook group from Austin, Texas – Keep Austin Fishing. AdAge reports that more than 12 million people viewed their video.  It’s a lesson in marketing for all small business owners – just visit their home page.