June is National Safety Month.  This month we’ve created several podcasts dedicated to helping employers ensure their workers are safe.  

In addition, Gallup released a report on the ‘End of the Traditional Manager;’ Hubspot created a list of the ‘Best Productivity Apps’; and, we keep you up to date on recent court rulings affecting HR.


eESI’s Workplace Safety Series with Robert Ramirez

Preventing workplace injuries is important for more reasons than we can count. To name just a few, an unsafe workplace leads to low morale, increased cost and regulatory scrutiny. Who wants that?

In the eESI Workplace Safety Series, we share sound advice and practical tips to help you improve the safety of your workplace.

In the podcast episode, Driving Accidents and Fatalities, safety consultant Robert Ramirez highlights one of the most common causes of workplace injuries, vehicle-related accidents. You can learn more about this episode and find a link to our free driving safety guide in this May 18 article, Workplace Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Keeping Your Drivers Safe and Accident-Free.

In our second installment in the Workplace Safety Series, Falls and Back Injuries, we again spoke with our resident safety consultant Robert Ramirez. This time the topic was avoiding the costly consequences of failing to prevent workplace lifting and fall hazards.

In this podcast, Ramirez points out that falls and lifting injuries don’t just happen to construction workers. Every employer should be aware of the potential hazards. You can listen to the full episode and find more details on this topic our June 8 article, Workplace Safety: Reduce Back Injuries and Avoid Falls By Increasing Employee Awareness and Training.


Making Your Workplace a Safe Place for Everyone

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The issue of sexual harassment is getting some much-needed attention this year as big names are being called to answer for bad behavior. But it isn’t always an outrageous act that triggers a sexual harassment claim.

What can you do to minimize the chances that your employees will encounter sexual harassment?

In the eESI podcast Sexual Harassment Prevention, we asked consultant Karla Saenz to share her advice.

To read more about this issue and get a sneak peek at what Saenz had to say, see our June 22 article, Preventing Sexual Harassment with Karla Saenz.   

Be sure to download our free checklist on preventing harassment, too. Company cultures are shaped from the top. Maintaining a workplace that is safe for everyone begins with you.


Training is vital to the long term success of any small business. eESI’s Training portal offers more than 500 courses to help you meet your training needs. For more inquiries or tour of the training portal, contact training@eESIpeo.com.  And, click here to review our ‘Why Offer Employee Training’ Guide.’



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More news and updates … 

Gazing into the future

First, a recent Gallup poll says that managers may have to shift their style to meet the demands of modern workers and workplaces. Remote work situations seem to be leading the change. You can find out more in the article, The End of the Traditional Manager

Not to be left out of the trend-spotting game, McKinsey Global Institute shared some theories about modern living, too. In Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future the research giant takes a look at how technology will help to bring about a higher quality of life in the city of the future.

Massive Data Leak

June ends with one of the largest data leaks in history.  According to reports, Florida-based Exactis has allegedly exposed the personal records of 340 million people – virtually every American citizen.

You can read more about this June 29th story in Wired.

Getting things done today

We’re all for tech that makes life easier and more productive.

Is there an app for that?

Kristen Baker at Hubspot says there is–several of them, in fact. She details the apps that can up our productivity in her Ultimate Guide to the Best Productivity Apps.  

Rules and rulings in HR

No rest for HR teams this summer as new court rulings and agency guidelines continue to roll out.

This month, SHRM’s Stephen Miller brings us some potentially good news in DOL’s Final Rule on Association Health Plans Expands Options. The final rule allows small employers to form associations that can then sponsor an association health plan for its members.

Meanwhile, HRDive’s Lisa Burden reports that a May ruling in the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals clarified the meaning of reasonable accommodation. Under the court’s ruling, reasonable remains just that–reasonable. Employers are not required to provide an employee with the accommodation of his or her choice. You can read Burden’s summary of the ruling and her insights about it in Employees not entitled to preferred religious accommodation, 10th Cir. says.

Are you ready for July?

To get your month off to a well-informed start, download eESI’s July HR Brief and our Benefits BuzzThese two documents are chock full of information that you and your team can put into action today. 

Learn about GDPR, EQ and Diversity training in our HR Brief. Then, read about the latest ACA percentages and 2019’s HSA limits our Benefits Buzz.


Easy to download and print, we made these documents for sharing. So send copies to your team and hit the ground running after the fireworks are over.