Blockchain technology … 5 new growth trend opportunities … Trump’s new green card … the average American income by age group … and, the advancement of a great addition to the FLSA OT Rule highlight some of the small business news we think you should be aware of this week …

Blockchain technology is the rave – a foundational, rather than disruptive, change to how business transactions take place.  How will it impact business?  Marissa Levin, in a guest post in Inc., Is Block Chain Technology the Ultimate Disruptor? sees it this way:

Say goodbye to the middleman for your financial transactions. Blockchain technology will change the way you do everything.

Perhaps.  Nearly everyone is talking about the potential impact of block chain technology; but, The Truth About Block Chain Technology in Harvard Business Review posits the notion that these foundational changes will take place a little more gradually than some.  Either way, it is a trend business owners should understand.

Entrepreneur’s 5 Trends Creating Big Opportunities for Entrepreneurs highlights promising new growth areas .  Author Ahmed Safwan writes, “From AI to new payment-system approaches, these tactics can work across a broad range of companies and business models … and, you can learn Which Jobs are Most Disproportionately Popular in Every State in Business Insider – map below.



In HR, the Washington Examiner reports that May 1 is the day President Trump begins issuing a new green card in his effort to help stem illegal immigration … and, SHRM reports that  a great new addition to the FLSA overtime rule that allows employees to select time rather than pay for overtime compensation has moved out of committee, and will soon be scheduled for a vote.  Currently, only government employees have that option.

And, Inc. posted new research on the average income by age group in the U.S. – where do you stack up?


Enjoy Your Weekend.