Welcome to the halfway point in 2017.   This week, the Senate Healthcare bill and the massive ‘ransomware’ attack gained most of the attention; but, articles about robots and longevity are among the week’s best.

The GOP-controlled Senate delayed a vote on the new healthcare bill until after the holiday in an effort to gather the support they need to pass the legislation.  SHRM’s Healthcare Bill review provides the simplest, yet most helpful overview of the bill we saw this week.  And, much has been made of the CBO report that estimated 22 million would lose their insurance if the bill passes; but, Forbes’ ‘The CBO Estimate is Deeply Flawed’ reveals how the report came up with those numbers; and, why the report is deeply flawed.

In Trends, Business Insider posted ‘When Robots Will Start Taking Beating Humans at Every Task.” The article is the result of a joint study by researchers at Oxford and Yale, and worth a read.

How to motivate employees?  Harvard Business Review’s ‘Motivating Employees is Not About Carrots or Sticks’  presents a compelling case that one’s best management approach uses a different paradigm – worth a read.

The New York Times published a thorough story about this  week’s massive global ransomware attack, which shut down computers from the Ukraine to the U.S. To its credit, the Times also published ‘How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware‘ – an article that provides sound advice for keeping  small businesses safe in this volatile cyber environment.

And, in Sales & Marketing, HBR’s 6 Reasons Salespeople Win or Lose a Sale provides some practical advice that can benefit your sales team.

Speaking of robots, this week’s video introduces you to Atlas, the next generation from Boston Dynamics – he runs fast, too.  Enjoy your weekend.