eESI Week’s Best – July 29 – Future of Healthcare? | Competing Through HR | Key IoT Trends | Drones & HR

Senate defections doomed the GOPs attempt to repeal Obamacare … private sector testing of a different approach to primary care may be the future of healthcare … competing through HR may be edge CEOs need to beat their competition … 6 IoT trends are emerging for 2018 … and, it’s time HR got a primer on what it needs to know before your company employs drones.

3 key GOP defections killed the Senate’s attempt to repeal Obamacare by a 51-49 vote.  Texas senator, Ted Cruz, thinks repeal is still possible.  You’ll find a chronology of what’s taking place on healthcare in The Hill.

While Congress struggles to create a workable healthcare plan, private sector testing of a new primary care approach may be the future.  Doctor’s offices that do not take insurance, and rely on monthly fees is keeping costs way down, and still providing good service.  That story in Business Insider.

A new McKinsey study reveals that a company’s HR department may be key to business success in the future. When a leading U.S. healthcare company was struggling to recruit more nurses, patient care was suffering, and revenue began to drop, it turned its attention to its HR department and found a solution that returned profitability and retained talent. You can read the McKinsey report, ‘CEOs Guide to Competing Through HR‘ here.

Corporations may adopt big data solutions more quickly than consumers; China has become the leading buyer of robots by a wide margin; and IoT investment is broadening – these are three of the six takeways from ‘6 Key International IoT (Internet of Things) Trends to Watch for in 2018’.  IoT will be a huge disruption and you can learn more about its potential economic applications and impact in this article from Forbes.

There are more than 800,000 registered drone operators in the U.S., and many industry industries are now using them in their business model.  But before utilizing drones, there are a ‘Few Things HR Should Know About Drones.’  You’ll find them in SHRM’s article.

In HR, a ‘Joint Employer’ bill was introduced in Congress to protect small business owners … and, a reminder that ‘Cafeteria Benefit Plans Form 5500 is due July 31.

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