Amazon rocked the food industry with a 13.7 billion dollar purchase of Whole Foods, sending jitters through the food industry on Friday.  Find out why in today’s CNN Money post …

In HR, Buzzfeed reports that Congress placed a spotlight on the rapidly growing ‘gig’ economy this week, as the ‘First Ever National Gig Economy Bill’ was introduced in the Senate …  On that note, Recode noted 43% of Americans now freelance, and that the number is expected to double in four years…

In Trends, McKinsey issued a new report on the future of AI, Analytics and Automation.  The report contains insights that can help you prepare for the coming changes … and,

In Sales & MarketingEntrepreneur’s 10 Traits That Set Exceptional Salespeople Apart contains many helpful tips for your sales team.

In Productivity, Harvard Business Review published an article that identifies the causes and remedies for ‘brain overload‘ ,,, and, Entrepreneur’s ‘Are You Emotionally Intelligent? contains a series of infographs that can help you discern your own, and others, emotional strengths and weaknesses.

In Leadership, Inc. posted an article, The Most Important Thing Employees Want in a Manager, that cites the results of recent research – the findings are somewhat surprising.

Trendwatching posted The 5 Top Consumer Trends for 2017.  One of the trends, ‘Worlds Apart,’ focuses on the new companies and business opportunities focused on removing barriers among different nations and cultures.  One of the most popular viral videos in the world this week comes from one such company, Momondo, a Copenhagen-based travel company.  Their video, The DNA Journey, follows a surprising 2-week DNA test on individuals from diverse backgrounds, and the impact the tests appear to have on these individuals ideas about themselves, and others. You can watch the video below.

Enjoy Your Weekend.