This week our Top 5 small business stories: The Senate’s Healthcare Bill; President Trump’s New Apprenticeship Initiative; a new SHRM study revealing a significant increase in companies improving their benefits packages; the small company trend toward outsourcing HR issues; and a personal productivity post about how to be ‘super productive’ with your time.

The U.S. Senate delivered a new healthcare bill designed to replace Obamacare. We found SHRM’s post to be the best and simplest read on the plan’s provisions, and on its diffferences with the earlier house bill. … and President Trump signed an Executive Order expanding the government’s apprenticeship program – a program whose participants obtain jobs 90% of the time upon graduation; and, where the starting pay is 50-60k on average … learn why Fortune magazine author, Nicholas Wyman, believes this new initiative may be a signficant help to millennials.

SHRM also posted the results of their 2017 Employer Benefits Survey.  The study found that a third of all U.S. companies have improved their benefits in the past 12 months in order to help improve recruiting.  You can find more information about the study, and its results in their article … and, also from SHRM this week, CEOs are losing sleep over the growth in compliance issues – literally.  You can learn more about the findings by clicking their report.

Compliance is one HR issue causing problems for small business owners; but, one of the ways they are successfully tackling that issue is by outsourcing their HR.  You can learn about the Small Business trend toward outsourcing HR, and about the kinds of issues and criteria you should use to evaluate that idea for our own company in Inc.’s article …

Finally, marketing guru Neil Patel is also a time efficiency expert.  His article ‘How to Work Smarter’ explains how he is able to get more done in two days, than most people can in two weeks.  Not all the tips are ones you may want to apply; but, there are several that may help you become more productive.

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