Summertime is rapidly approaching, and whatever your plans, make sure a vacation is among them.  Inc.’s Lolly Daskal shares 4 Scientific Reasons You Need a Vacation; and, Fast Company’s earlier post, ‘The Scientifically Proven Way to Enjoy the Best Vacation Ever‘ provides great tips.

Last Friday, a ransomware virus affected 150 countries, but was eventually stopped by a young, self-taught programmer from Britain.  You can read about this colossal cyber attack, and the young man who ‘Saved the World from the Malware Virus’ in Business Insider.  Most small business owners don’t know that 43% of all cyber attacks are directed toward them. Small Business Trend’s7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Small Business Right Now‘ reveals the most important cyber issues; and,  SHRM’sHow to Protect Your Company from Ransomware‘ provides helpful advice to keep your organization protected.

In HR, Aetna announced it is leaving the Obamacare exchanges in 2018 due to mounting financial losses.  The Dallas Morning News explains ‘Why Aetna’s Exit Should Concern Texans’SHRM posted a story about the ‘Federal Government’s Plan to Nix Small Business ‘SHOP’ Plans‘ currently available on the exchange.  The article covers some of the other options legislators are considering to help improve coverage for small business owners, while enabling them to take advantage of tax credits… a federal court in Arizona found that in some cases, ‘Non-Disabled Employees Requesting Accommodation are Covered under the ADA‘ – read the eESI report to learn more … A new bill providing ‘Comp Time in Lieu of Overtime Pay‘ has passed the U.S. House, and is headed to the Senate.  Read our eESI report to learn how the new legislation works, where it now stands, and how it may provide a welcome option to your company and employees …

HSAs are popular employee benefits. Slavic401k’s post, “HSAs are a Popular Benefit’ is a simple primer on the benefit – worth a look.

In Productivity, Dr. Julia Samton shares ‘5 Daily Habits of People Who Age Well’ – tips that are proven, and lead to greater physical and emotional wellness – brief and recommended … and, if you want to boost your creativity, Inc.’s Geoffrey James says ‘Do Something Mindless‘; learn what kind of mindless activities you can do in his post.

Finally, on the subject of productivity.  We leave you with an excellent 2-minute video from the Wall Street Journal that shares 10 Time-Saving Email Tips.  This video provides helpful tips that are bound to save you significant time in the short and long run.

EnjoyYour Weekend!