Welcome to our week of February 25th blog …

It was a big week for HR, as Gallup unveiled its new State of the American Workplace report.  The report contains findings from their massive study of American employees, and details the state of workplace engagement – an enlightening study.  You can click the link above to go straight to the report, register and download it – think you’ll find it enlightening.

Also in HR, SHRM posted 9 HR Trends for 2017 … and, an informative article on ‘How Intelligent Machines are Changing HR Recruiting,’ which introduces you to several new auto-bots that are improving efficiency – definitely worth a read if you are in HR.

In Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur posted The 5 Laws of Advertising and Marketing that Haven’t Changed in a Half Century.  The article covers the principles that form the foundation for all good marketing campaigns – a good read … and, we believe that video is one of this year’s Top 4 trends for business.  Social Media Examiner’s 3 Ways to Use Video for Business provides a few helpful ideas that may get your company started in the right direction.

In Leadership, Tim Sackett’s article How Small Business Can Win Top Talent focuses on the advantages small and mid-size companies have in the recruiting wars against larger companies.  In this tight job market, every advantage is key; his article may help you adjust your approach to recruiting.

Stressed for time?  In Productivity, Harvard Business Review published 3 Ways to Get More Done Now , an article that highlights a few simple ways to eliminate the distractions that rob one’s ability to focus … and, ; a reminder that just understanding how to use all the rapidly changing technology is not enough to make campaigns succeed … Inc.’s Psychology Says This is the Most Important Contributor to Happiness, and It’s Not What You Think contains helpful information about the most important contributors to employee engagement.  The article’s point is supported by several other recent studies, including Gallup’s new ‘State of the American Workplace’ study we cited earlier in this post.

And, in Technology, Inc.’s John Brandon gushes about a Cool New Weather App that claims to improve your mood and productivity.  APP-arently the Sunshine app is the real deal; according to the author, he tried it for a month and found it improved his mood … sounds too good to be true; wonder if he’s an investor.

Enjoy Your Weekend.