On this first day of June our focus is on retirement, and we’re sharing tips to help you and your employees live well, work well, and retire well. Plus, in case you missed it the first time around, we share a report on the FBI’s router warning, and tips for hiring summer help.


Work Well: Which benefits keep employees happy?

When it comes to recruiting and keeping talent, money isn’t everything. Today’s job seekers evaluate more than just the paycheck when deciding where to spend their working hours. Voluntary benefits and an attractive company culture help employees work well and stay engaged on the job.

Which benefits top workers’ wish lists?

The Forbes Business Development Counsel weighed in on this topic with Three Most-In Demand Employee Benefits of 2018.


Retire Well: Planning for retirement is the key to making it happen.

As employees and business owners focus on day-to-day tasks, thinking about the future sometimes doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. But there are steps you can take now that will help you secure a good retirement later.  The average retirement savings for families in their mid-40s is only $6,200, so the need to save is critical.

The Slavic 401k blog reveals how small businesses can offer Fortune 500 type retirement accounts by virtue of a multiple employer plan (MEP). 

Here are a few additional resources for your review, and a video about the seven advantages of our own outstanding 401k.  If you’re considering a plan for your company, give us a call to learn more about this exceptional 401k.


Live Well: Making healthy choices improves your present and future wellness.

The June edition of eESI’s Live Well, Work Well is now available for you to download and print.

The National Institute of Health reports that healthy habits, including managing your weight and food choices, can lengthen your life. Live Well, Work Well features a collection of health and wellness tips for you and your employees. This month’s edition focuses on fresh fruit and vegetable safety and intermittent fasting.

Live Well, Work Well Workplace Health and Wellness Tips--Fresh food safety and intermittent fasting
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Taking care of today. 

Cybersecurity–You have probably already heard by now that the FBI has warned small businesses and individuals with home offices that their routers may contain malware. What should you do?

Forbes contributor Anthony Karcz explains the next steps in How to Reboot Your Router, Comply With The FBI’s Request, And Protect Yourself.


And, while on the subject of cyber security, you can pick up a few smart tips from eESI’s Ke Shen by listening to our podcast.




Summer hiring–For many businesses, summer help is an essential component of their success. However, record low unemployment rates are making finding that help difficult for some companies. Fast Company’s Lydia DIshman examines what this season of seasonal work looks like in Summer hiring gets competitive with higher wages and benefits.

And, to further help you along, here are a few additional eESI resources:


Enjoy Your Weekend.