eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending February 23, 2018, includes articles about improving your work, health, and personal fulfillment. Plus, learn what the new ADA bill could mean for businesses if passed. We also bid farewell to America’s pastor, the Reverand Billy Graham.  And, we share eESI’s exclusive March HR Brief with you.


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The March edition of eESI’s HR Brief takes a look at two issues affecting the health of workforces around the country–the opioid crisis and the worst flu season in decades. Find out what employers are doing to address the threat of opioid addiction among their workers and how to reduce the chances of catching the flu in this free document.

eESI March HR Brief News for Human Resource Professionals

Keep it fresh to keep your employees engaged.

A steady paycheck isn’t enough to keep good talent in a tight job market. In 5 Strategies to Keep Employees Engaged in 2018, Inc.’s Young Entrepreneur Council advises employers who want to keep their employees to make sure they are intellectually challenged and offered opportunities for change. If money can’t buy your staff’s happiness, try adding more benefits and perks.


Partnering up to provide better healthcare.

That’s what UnitedHealth and Walgreens have planned. The two companies will couple their storefronts, placing MedExpress urgent care centers next to Walgreen pharmacies. Fifteen side-by-sides are already in operation as part of a pilot project. UnitedHealth and Walgreens aren’t the only ones to think this is a good idea, CVS has promised that its own synergetic facilities are coming soon writes Forbes contributor Bruce Japsen in UnitedHealth, Walgreens Partner to Put Urgent Care Next to Pharmacies.

Productivity, social activity, and thankfulness are the keys to happiness.

Reporting on a course that is so popular they’ve had to take it to video, Inc. contributor Scott Mautz shares actionable tips in his article, Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever Teaches How to Live a Happier Life (Here’s What Students Learn). Spoiler: Developing habits that promote productivity, gratitude and friendship will take you far.


But what about stress?

Life can’t be all sunshine and tax reform, what happens when things get stressful? Writing for Harvard Business Review, Ama and Stephanie Marston tell us To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resistance. The authors note that stress is unavoidable but you can avoid its most negative consequences by changing your perspective and learning to let go of what is outside your control.

Business hope for litigation relief as ADA bill moves to Senate.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill this week that changes what many believe to be a highly abused section of the Americans with Disabilities Act. H.R. 620.dealing with public accomodation provisions.  The bill, which now moves to the Senate, would limit a complainant’s ability to sue a business for failing to make disability-related accommodations unless certain pre-litigation procedures were followed.

Proponents of the bill hope that it will put an end to so-called “drive by” suits, a bane to many small businesses. Smith lays out both sides of the debate in House Passes Bill to Make ADA Lawsuits Harder to Bring.

A good and faithful servant heads home.

The event that garnered the most attention in the media this week across the country was the passing of Billy Graham, who died at the age of 99. The Reverand Graham had deep ties to Texas. Read about his life, work, and faith in this detailed article at, ‘America’s pastor’ Billy Graham dies at 99