eESI Week’s Best for the week ending December 22 includes a look at the final passage of the GOP’s historic tax bill and the impact the new law will have on employer-sponsored benefits. Plus, we found advice to help you avoid the common mistakes that put your corporate data at risk. But that’s not all. We also have predictions from the experts on the trends that will affect your business in 2018.  


New Tax Plan Leaves Businesses Feeling Warm and Fuzzy (and Corporate Tax Accountants Guaranteed Employment)

Business Insider’s Matt Turner and Jonathan Garber tell us that several Companies are rushing to announce special bonuses and pay hikes after the GOP tax plan. Corporations that were feeling extra generous this week included Boeing, Wells Fargo, and AT&T.  


Beyond pay raises and bonuses what’s the bottom line for employers and employees under the new tax program?


According to SHRM’s Stephen Miller, lots of changes are in store for 2018 and beyond. Miller describes these changes in Congress Passes Tax Bill Altering Employee Benefits. He writes, “From mass transit subsidies to achievement awards, the taxability of popular perks will change.” Time to pull up those spreadsheets and get to work.


What Else Can Businesses Expect to Change in 2018?

Hold onto your smartphones! More change is coming. In a December 15 article, Inc. contributor Marc Emmer reveals 18 Business Trends That Will Shape the World in 2018. Fortunately, he also shares seven ways companies can prepare for what 2018 is bringing. The best advice? Be agile, treat your employees right, and perform with precision.


We leave you with another of the world’s best ads as voted from our friends in Britain (they do a lot of judging of top ads).  This one from Heathrow airport.


Merry Christmas!