Providing financial wellness services to 185,000+ US employers.

Who is FinFit?

The largest, oldest, most comprehensive financial wellness solution in the United States.

Dedicated to helping employees and employers improve their financial health and become financially stable.

FinFit offers a variety of tools and education to assist employees in meeting their financial goals. When employees experience substantial challenges, FinFit also offers employees access to loans through Celtic Bank, Member FDIC.*

Learning about finances may not be exciting – but a little friendly competition can motivate employees to build their knowledge. FinFit’s weekly live financial trivia, FinFit IQ, encourages employees to log in to their FinFit dashboard and join in. Gamification is both an incentivizing and gratifying way to get employees to participate in financial wellness.

FinFit’s educational portal, Ready University, features 38 short, engaging lessons focused on key elements of financial well-being that guide employees down the path to financial stability.

With access to a team of top-notch, certified financial counselors, employees can get ahead of the financial impact of life events.

It’s easy for employees to become overwhelmed or confused when it comes to big financial decisions. Significant financial investments are stressful without the right resources to provide insight.

The personalized assessment and planning tools recognize that each individual has unique spending, saving, planning, and borrowing habits. The FinFit platform provides recommended action plans, tools, and resources tailored to each employee’s financial situation.

Pay cycles can be challenging for employees if their bills don’t align with payday. FinFit’s WageNow gives employees access to the wages they’ve earned – when they need it.

Add personalized loan offers for your employees — with trust, unparalleled UX, and access to a large network of premium financial institutions.

 Student loan repayment, refinance and debt consolidation services can help your employees manage student loan debt and become financially stable.