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Are you finding yourself dealing with unpredictable

liability costs? Do you want the assurance of working

with a team of experts here to help analyze your

company and mitigate all known exposures efficiently?



eESI has developed Insurance Services as another enhancement to our #SMB buying power offerings. Whether you are a current client of eESI or researching business insurance solutions, our dedicated Risk Management Team is here to listen and collaborate with you to cover all those unpredictable liability costs.

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  • As a business owner, you are exposed to more concerns (worries) than a qualified applicant pool, meeting payroll for the month, and generating new revenue,
  • We understand business from the hiring process to the employee stock ownership program
  • We can help you understand where you are exposed, how to mitigate those exposures, and how to plan for business continuity

Pain Points: exposure to more concerns/ bodily injury/ accidents can happen

How we help: understand those exposures/ quantify exposures/ efficiently insure against


  • Business moves fast and so do you, you should be able to feel comfortable in your work
  • Helps protect against civil lawsuits
  • Negligence is hard to understand through working with the right agency and insurance can help protect against any claims

Pain points: Defense against Errors & Omissions/ Sued for doing your job/ Human error/ Everyone makes mistakes

how we can help: We understand business from the blueprint to a Completed Operations Claim/ We bring experience and expertise


  • Your employees are your biggest asset
  • Having insurance to pay for any medical claims is not only great for your business but for your employees
  • From the claims process to the Return To Work (RTW) program we are a partner with you along the way
  • We can also assist with reviewing contracts to make sure you are compliant with all parties involved.

Pain Points: injured employees on the job/ no ability to pay the bills/ medical and home personal bills/

How we can help: provide a comfort in knowing your greatest asset (the employee) will be taken care of/ We will provide comfort knowing we will get your employees back in working standing


  • Insures both permanent and mobile equipment of your company
  • Protects against theft or vandalism of property
  • Includes the assets of business income (payroll, revenue, current bills while during construction)

If something impacts your ability to run your business (natural disaster, etc.) insurance can help alleviate the headache of missing payments and falling behind.

Pain Points: missing payments/ falling behind

How we can help: team with the right team to understand your assets and how to properly insure them


  • Whether it is a fleet of autos or a single work vehicle the right insurance can help protect your assets personally and professionally.
  • Commercial liability exists for your business even if the employee is driving their own vehicle on company time.

Pain Points: decreased values of your vehicles from accidents/ bodily injury and property damage of third parties/

How we can help: protect the asset in the vehicle, but your investment in the company


  • Whether your tools/equipment are on your property or the project proper insurance coverage can protect against theft, damage, or arson.
  • Property in transit is not necessarily covered by an auto policy, so make sure the investment in your tools/equipment is protected

pain points: guarding tools and equipment on every job site/ spending time and man power protecting what should already be protected/ slows down the completion of the job/project

how we can help: take your mind off protection of your investments and on to the job completion

Insurance Services