eESI Week’s Best for the week ending January 12, 2018, shares best practices for investigating a sexual harassment complaint and increasing employee motivation. Also this week, we look at the top trends in technology and B2B sales. Plus, the scoop on 7-11’s run-in with immigration.


Getting serious about sexual harassment.

No matter how great your employees are, odds are that someone in your organization will make an allegation of sexual harassment at some point. Are you prepared to conduct a fair and thorough investigation?

SHRM’s Dori Meinert has put together the information you should know in How to Investigate Sexual Harassment Allegations. She recommends reviewing your policies and creating your action plan well before you need it.


What motivates employees to work harder?

In This Study of 400,000 People Reveals the 1 Reason Employees Work Harder (and It’s Not Pay or Benefits or Culture Decks), Inc. contributor Jeff Haden shares the results of a recent study on employee motivation.

What’s the secret to high employee productivity? A belief that their hard work will pay off. Understandably, employees who know they will never be tapped for promotion aren’t particularly inclined to give it their all.


In the year 2018…

The first year of the month is always full of predictions. This week, we’re sharing 5 Tech Trends that Will Rule 2018 from Inc. contributor and Digi.City founder Chelsea Collier. She writes that data, AI, and blockchain will share the spotlight with wireless and 5G. Will these technologies rule the world or just take over our wallets?


What should B2B businesses expect to see in their future?

A January article at reveals some answers. In What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like, several McKinsey and Company contributors join forces to make their predictions. The group advises companies to employ analytics to guide their sales activities. Rapid shifts in buyer behaviors and expectations are on the horizon, too.

But wait, exactly what is the “science of B2B sales,” anyway? According to the article, B2B sales becomes a science (rather than an art) when it is driven by data, digital tools, and analytics.


Immigration agents stop by 7-Eleven to deliver a message.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency made headlines this week, conducting raids at hundreds of 7-Eleven store locations. Roy Maurer curated coverage of the event and suggested additional resources for SHRM readers in 7-Eleven Workplace Raids Signal New Front in Immigration Enforcement. Don’t forget to check your I-9 Forms!


The best of the best from CES.

Want to see the best in tech? We found this video of techradar’s Best from CES 2018 Awards: