Jobs and Stocks Surge | Trends in Employment Law and Talent Acquisition | 2017’s Scientific Breakthroughs

eESI Week’s Best for the week ending January 5, 2018 includes an historic first week for the stock market and a rousing jobs report. Plus, predictions for the future of talent acquisition and employment law and a look back at 2017’s greatest scientific breakthroughs.


The economy is experiencing a power surge

Fox Business News brought us dual stories of an economy moving at full speed. The news agency reported record performance by the Dow in Dow 25,000 powered by fastest 1000-point advance ever.

In Survey: US businesses add a strong 250,000 jobs in December, Fox Business News shared the AP’s report on December jobs growth. The story notes that the nation’s unemployment rate is expected to remain at a 17-year low of 4.1% as we begin the new year.


What will talent acquisition be like in 2018?

Examining changes in the way hiring is conducted, SHRM’s Tim Sackett gives us Tim Sackett Peers Into the Future: Talent Acquisition Trends and Predictions for 2018. Much like other industries, hiring and recruiting is seeing increased reliance on automation. Sackett says that AI-driven sourcing tech is now so sophisticated that it outperforms human sourcers. Texting and automated referral systems are on his coming attractions list, too.


Changes to employment law will be fast and furious this year

While a more employer-friendly Department of Labor is one of the predictions SHRM’s Lisa Nagele-Piazza makes in 8 Workplace Legal Trends for 2018, legal departments shouldn’t expect all smooth sailing. Nagele-Piazza also notes that retaliation lawsuits, sexual harassment training, and dealing with a multitude of different state marijuana use laws will make it all hands on deck in 2018.


IRS updates standard mileage rates

Counting every penny, the IRS has adjusted the standard mileage deduction rates for use of a motor vehicle under various circumstances. The maximum standard automobile cost that may be used when calculating an employee’s fixed variable rate allowance was adjusted too. The value cap was slightly lowered for both standard automobiles and trucks and vans. SHRM’s Stephen Miller details the changes in IRS Announces Higher Standard Mileage Rate for 2018.


2017 saw big gains in scientific knowledge

Biological breakthroughs, new frontiers in space, and incredible advances in artificial intelligence all made headlines in 2017. In his December 30 article for Digital Trends, Dyllan Furness shares The biggest, baddest, and most incredible scientific breakthroughs of 2017


A video about video marketing

2018 is stacking up to be the year that tech built. This video takes a look at how new technologies will shape video marketing in the year to come.


Dec. 20

Telemedicine has grown 2100% since 2013. More than 800,000 phone consultations with doctors occured in 2015; and, more than half of all hospitals now have a telemedicine program. Why is telemedicine so popular? How does it work? And, what kind of illness or health issue can it cover?

eESI's Jenifer Allbright answers these and other questions in today's eESI podcast.

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