Good Morning, Welcome to Morning Coffee … Here are the week’s Top Stories.


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Good Morning,

In HR, McKinsey issued a report that revealed 3 Things HR may be getting wrong about people analytics … if you’re looking for work, Business News Daily shared 5 Things You Can’t Skip with Your Next Job Application if you want to land that job … and the DOL issued a new ACA Update about the Cadillac Tax that will affect nearly half of America’s employers; the article shows what can be done now to prepare.  And,

Several articles about personal success this week worth highlighting … Inc. magazine stories about the 13 Things Insanely Successful People Do Every Day … and, 9 Steps that Make Even the Hardest Decisions Easier.  

And, a simple, but useful article about 6 Essential Skills You Probably Won’t Learn in Business School provides a list of things you need to build your career.  Plus, 24 Signs of a Good Boss can help you evaluate yourself, and others …

Finally, if you listen to music, Business Insider ran an article about Every Hit Song Since You Were Born that allows you to listen to each Billlboard Magazines Chart Toppers since the 1940s …

Enjoy Your Weekend.