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July 13, 2016

It’s mid-July, and understandably Summer Vacation generated a few good articles this week …

June 14-Austin

In the News, Texas made the list of Top 10 booming U.S. economies … and Austin ranked #1 for Young Entrepreneurs, according to a new Census-based study. Surprisingly, a new Wharton/U.S. News study presented the Top Ranked Countries for Global Entrepreneurship and you may be surprised to see where the U.S. ranked.




June14-OT (2)

In HR, the new Overtime Rules take effect December 1, so we’ve put together an eESI OT Rule Guide that will answer some of your questions, and get our clients with salaried employees below the new threshold prepared for conversations with our reps later this summer … Entrepreneur ran an excellent feature on What Happens When You Invest in Wellness programs – hint, you should … HR Morning posted an excellent article about 8 Common but Costly Benefits Communication MistakesFast Company presented 5 Essential Skills You’ll Need to Keep Your Job in the Next 10 Years … Tim Sackett penned a no-nonsense post about the One Way to Be Successful at Recruiting. … and, in wake of the tragic Orlando shooting, The Verge announced that Facebook launched its new ‘Safety Check’ feature for the first time in the U.S. – a feature that enables friends and relatives to check on the safety of their loved ones during large-scale tragic events. Oh, one more thing, TLNT featured an article that could help HR Execs Avoid Geting Canned by their CEOs.

In Leadership, Entrepreneur believes there are 4 Leadership Skills You Can Learn from Golden State head coach Steve Kerr … … you may gain a few tips from 15 Time Habit of the Most Productive Entrepreneurs … and, BI put together a list of the Top 25 Books on Leadership and Success to read in your lifetime.


In Trends & Technology, MIT’s Sloan School posted an insightful article about the 5-Year Future of Artificial Intelligence and Management … and, in Personal Productivity, Inc author Peter Economy posted 7 Best Ways to Get Motivated, according to Science.

Enjoy your weekend from all of us at eESI.