eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending March 2, looks at the laws surrounding employee references. Are employers protected from liability when they give a referral? Plus, eESI’s March employee benefits update, Benefits Buzz is here. We’re also sharing great tips on investments, earnings, productivity, and the IRS’ new W-4.


What’s in the March Employee Benefits Update from eESI?

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What’s in it?

Employee Benefits Update from eESI Benefits Buzz


Is Honesty the Best Policy When it Comes to Providing Employee References?

Many employers elect to say nothing other than would or would not rehire when asked for information about a former employee. One reason for this is the chilling effect of the threat of a defamation lawsuit. 

But, as SHRM’s Lisa Nagele-Piazza points out in Can Employers Give a Bad Reference for a Former Employee?, employers in some states are protected when they tell the truth.  Even though defamation is still actionable, many states have enacted qualified immunity laws that will protect an employer who is trying to do the right thing.


Ensuring Your New Hire Wants to Stay Takes More Than a Parking Pass

In some workplaces, the process of onboarding can be more grueling and less enlightening than the process of interviewing for the job. SHRM’s Roy Mauer warns that failing to get your onboarding process right may be costing you talent in Employers Risk Driving New Hires Away with Poor Onboarding. His advice? Take your time and get it right.


4 Great Investment Tips from the Master Himself

Warren Buffet Just Came Out With 4 Great Pieces of Investment Advice (and a Rudyard Kipling Quote) writes Inc. contributor Minda Zetlin. With advice both timeless and timely, he shows us the way to grab opportunity when it knocks and make hay while the sun shines.


What Salary Puts You on the Right Side of the Curve?

With record employment rates, most people are earning something. But what do you have to make to be among the top half of earners? The answer depends on where you live. Tanza Loudenback writing for Business Insider tells us in Here’s the salary you need to be in the top 50% of earners in 30 major US cities.


The IRS released its new W-4, and updated its Tax Witholding Calculator …

The IRS released its’ new w-4 form – in time for employees to take advantage of the new tax reforms … it also updated its Tax Witholding Calculator.  You can view SHRM’s article on the changes here.


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