Aetna Leaving Obamacare in 2018 … 7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Business … Superproductivity … Level 5 Leadership …. and, What You Should Know About the New Comp Time, Overtime Rule that passed the house, and is heading to the Senate; these are the week’s top small business posts.

Aetna announced it is leaving the Obamacare exchange in 2018 as their financial losses escalate. The Dallas Morning News reveals, ‘Why Texans Should Be Concerned‘ … on Friday, we witnessed a global cyber attack that affected 99 countries at last count.  We told you in our 2017 HR Trends Guide that cyber security is the major risk issue facing business owners this year.  Small Business Trends’ ‘7 Cyber Attacks Threatening Your Business Right Now‘ provides you a practical guide to the kind of attacks facing your company.  Read this article so you can protect yourself.

In HR, two recruiting articles may help you focus more attention on the process you use to attract and retain talent:  SHRM posted ‘The Astronomical Costs of a Bad Hire‘ … and Entrepreneur published ‘5 Hiring Pre-Tests to Help You Make the Right Hire.’  Of course, the best way to insure you hire right is to contact eESI – helping companies attract and retain top talent is what we do – +1(210)495-1171 … eESI published the IRS’ New 2018 HSA Limits and what you should know about the New Comp Time, Overtime Rules that passed the House, and are now on their way to the U.S. Senate …

In Leadership, Harvard Business Review posted ‘Level 5 Leadership’ – a classic article that identifies the two paradoxical traits leaders must possess if a company can move from mediocre to great.  The article reveals the findings of a 5 year study on the subject that surprised even its authors … and, Malcolm Gladwell reveals ‘The One Stunning Thing People Get Wrong in Their Drive to Success‘in Inc.  …

In Productivity, Inc. posted a video by Tim Ferriss, Productivity Super Powers You Didn’t Know You Had‘  in which he shares a few important tips that can take your work to a much higher level.

May 7-13 is hurricane preparedness week.  The season actually begins June 1.  Here is a checklist for your home: ; and, one for your business:

This weekend is Mother’s Day.  We leave you with a humorous Mother’s Day video that has gone viral in 2017 … sound familiar?  Don’t let it get you down; studies reveal that a child’s appreciation for the selfless love and investment of mothers grows as they mature and raise families of their own.

From all of us at eESI, Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy your special day, and the weekend.