Welcome to ‘Your Morning Coffee’ for Tuesday, July 26.  Here is a summary of content from the past few days …

 In HR, TLNT simplifies HR metrics with this article, 4 HR Metrics You Need to Track, and What You Should Do with Them.

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And, if you’re going to hire remote workers, TLNT’s article, Hiring Remote Workers – What to Look For gives you some practical tips that should make the process more effective … If you use Payroll Cards‘ at your company, you may want to take a look at our eESI post for a few things you should know … and the IRS’ new release on the Sale of Trucks, Tractors and Trailers has many companies fired up.

In Sales & Marketing, ‘5 Social Media Tactics That No Longer Work‘ helps you avoid wasting resources on social, but provides you a few tips about approaches that can be quite effective …


and in Leadership/Management, 24 Signs of a Good Boss can help you improve your management style.


In Productivity, How Your Morning Mood Affects Your Whole Day and ‘Want to Be a Millionaire?’ both offer tips to help you maximize your workday, and y our financial life.  And, if you listen to music while you work, ‘Listen to Music? Here’s What Happens to Your Brain gives you the positive and negative benefits of specific types of music when conducting specific types of tasks.

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Enjoy your Tuesday.