Well, it’s here … next Tuesday America elects a new president.  Who do small business owners prefer?  According to a recent October report in US News & World Report, Small Business Owners Prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton by 59-41% … and that was before Obamacare premiums spiked 25%, on average, across the board last week.  Because Donald Trump has vowed to dismantle Obamacare, and Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue it, it is reasonable to believe that Trump support among small business owners is higher now – especially since business owners listed ‘healthcare’ as one of their primary concerns.

Inc. published a report in July, How the 2016 Election Could Impact Small Business, that provides a simple comparison of the candidates’ positions on small business issues – might be worth a look before you vote.

Speaking about the election, In HR, our eESI staff put together a brief on ‘Employee Voting Guidelines‘ to help you understand Texas law.  It’s an easy read that will answer all of your questions …  And, OSHA issued their Top 7 Core Components for a Safe Workplace this week. In light of the significant increase in OSH Act related fines and penalties in 2016, we recommend you review the post and consider the recommendations.

In Leadership, our eESI Blog on ‘The Power of Praise‘ reveals the important ‘bottom-line’ impact a leader’s ‘praise-to-criticism’ ratio has on employee performance and engagement.  The difficult job market, and the fact employees are leaving jobs faster today than at any time in recent history, make this a must read.

Also in Leadership, 5 Daily Habits that Powerfully Influence Others from Harvard Business Review, provides practical tips that can quickly improve one’s management perspective and behavior.

In Personal Productivity, we’ve all read, and heard it said that highly productive people rise early and make the most of their morning.  But Inc.posted a story that explains why: Why Your Morning Ritual is Key to Your Success helps readers understand the significant time and energy savings a well-planned morning routine provides.

In Tech, Time magazine’s 50 Best Apps of 2016 provide a manageable list of proven apps you may want to consider for your smartphone.  And, Inc’s Christina DesMarai’s 6 Apps that Make Your Work and Life Better offers a review that is helpful and focused.

Finally, in Trends, How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Management provides an enlightening look at the ways AI is changing the job description and skill set managers need to be successful in the near future.

Make sure you take time to vote – it’s an important right.

Enjoy your weekend!