In the News … Well, Halloween is on Monday, but the scarier issue may be Obamacare.  The White House announced that Obamcare Premiums Are Rising 25%, on average, in 2016 – that story in Business Insider … October is also Cyber-Security month, and recent findings suggest that it is now time all small business owners addressed how to protect their data and financial records.  Our Tuesday blog, Cyber-Security: An Issue All Businesses Need to Address, sets out 10 statistics that will inspire you to take protective steps with your company, as well as 6 practical tips you can implement to improve your security immediately.

In HR, Inc.’s 12 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees from Bolting provides sound advice and ideas – a good read now, especially in light of the tight job market.  And, TLNT’s post, 5 Secrets to Successful One-on-One Meetings, contains helpful advice that takes employee engagement another step forward.  According to the post, studies show that companies with the highest employee engagement are 35% more likely to conduct one-on-one employee meetings, making personal meetings another great tool in your hiring arsenal, if you know how to use them well; this article gives you the insight you need.

And, HR Morning’s, the EEOC is Targeting 6 Areas for Enforcement in 2017 gives a detailed look at all six areas, and provides strategies that may protect your from fines and compliance penalties.

Our November HR Brief covers FMLA and Workers’ Compensation leave strategies, the EEOC’s big changes in fines, and the FLSA OT rules … our own eESI FLSA Overtime Toolkit, though, is perhaps the best and simplest way to find out all you need to know to prepare for the December 1st deadline.  You can download it free by clicking the image below.



And, in Trends, Popular Mechanics posted a story, Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee Accidentally Discovered How to Convert CO2 into Ethanol … an event that may eventually have significant repercussions here in Texas.

Monday is Halloween … time to put the scary issues of Obamacare and the November elections aside for a time, and enjoy the fun of children (and adults) in costumes, and plenty of your favorite candy.  We’re Americans, we’ll sort out the rest, in time.

Enjoy Your Weekend!