In the News, Hurricane Matthew makes its way up the southeastern coast of the U.S..  It is a good time for Texas and Colorado businesses to review how to prepare for a hurricane or natural disaster.  We’ve taken the business preparation page from the the U.S. Weather.gov website to provide you a simple, yet valuable ‘Hurricane Planning and Preparing Info Sheet for Businesses‘ graphic to keep on hand – simply download and print.


Also in the News, and in Leadership & Management, eESI presented noted business author Ian Altman in our Colorado CEO Forum, as he addressed the revolutionary sales approach in his book, ‘Same-Side Selling.’  You will find a few excellent take-a-ways from the conference in our post in case you weren’t able to attend.

How the Best CEOs Get the Most Important Work Done‘ details some of the processes productive CEOs use to keep their focus on ‘priorities’ – a helpful article if you feel overwhelmed at times.

In HR, Harvard Business Review posted an article on ‘How to Handle Toxic Employees.’  As the article notes, just firing a difficult employee can create numerous additional headaches, so the article presents potential issues, and provides solutions.  Entrepreneur’sHow to Handle 5 Types of Toxic Employees‘ provides a user-friendly infograph on the subject, too.  And TLNT presented What Kind of HR Exec Companies Want – a look at recent studies about the changing experience levels and competencies companies now want from their HR leaders – as presented, a rather difficult position to fill.

And, Fast Company posted an article from an experienced HR Exec about Cover Letters that Get Rejected Fast – a what NOT TO DO that has some very good content.

And, in Productivity, QuickSprout and Neil Patel reveal the 15 Things You Must Have in Place to Create Your Personal Brand – an enlightening and helpful list if you are considering branching out on your own.  Plus, a big bonus, 11 Excel Tricks that Will Change Your Life from Inc – great timesaving tips.

In the next two weeks, we’ll begin a ‘user-friendly’ series on the new FLSA OT Rules and Changes from the Department of Labor as the December 1 date approaches.  Our series should answer many of your questions.

Enjoy Your Weekend!