PeopleTalk – August 2016

In This Issue:

Returning from Vacation – 9 Tips from Highly Productive People

24 Signs of a Good Boss

How to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk VIDEO

10 Ways Toxic Bosses Scare Employees

5 Big Recruiting Myths

Public Speaking Tips from 2016 Grand Champion

Myths and Realities of Doing What You Love

Complete Body Workout You Can Do From Your Chair
Events & Updates:

How Companies Can Protect Outdoor Workers from Zika

September HR Brief

IRS Alerts HR & Payroll to Phishing Schemes

IRS Brief on Preparing for Natural Disasters

June 2016 – Vol. 13

In This Issue:

The Benefits of Taking Your Vacation

9 Ways to Take a Luxury Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

8 Things to do Before 8 AM for Success

Billionaires’ Rule of 168

lank”>4 Ways to Cut Email Time

12 Grocery Tricks that Cut $23,000 from This Woman’s Debt

Quick Desk Exercises Alleviate Stress

19 Ways to Stay Motivated that Work

 Steps to Avoid Burn Out

11 EXCEL Tricks Really Save Time

Events & Updates:

June HR Update

June Live Well Work Well

eESI Vacation Club – Save Toward Your Next Vacation, and Earn Interest, Too – CLICK TO LEARN

PeopleTalk May 2016:

In This Issue:

Department of Labor Issues New OT Ruling Affecting 4.2 Million Workers

What Ruling Means for  Small Business

ACA Update for SMB with 50 or Fewer Employees

IRS Releases HSA Limits for 2017

The 10-Minute Daily Routine that Powers You to More Success

Research: 21 Days to a Healthier, Happier, More Successful Life

Research: 7 Ways to Wake Up in the Morning Without Coffee

Watch Out for Counterfeit Foods !

Special Section: Sales – 6 Truths that Separate Sales Superstars from the Masses of Mediocrity 

Special Section: Sales – 62 Ideas for Getting More Clients from Top Sales & Marketing Leaders

Events & Updates:

May 2016 HR Brief

Live Well, Work Well

Wednesday, May 25 – Austin Chamber Chairman & President’s Advisory Board Reception 


PeopleTalk – January 2016 – Vol. I

In This Issue:

W-2s Available Now! – eLogin: Employee Portal

What Are These 1095-A, 1095-B & 1095-C Forms

HR Brief: I-9 Self-Audit | 401k Loans

OSHA: 10 Most Dangerous Cities to Work In

LiveBetter: It’s All About You

eESI Gold’s Gym Membership

Employee Financial Loan and Education Service

eSwag and Info – Employee Resources – Employee Portal


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