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It’s official, according to BenefitsPro, studies show that ‘More Companies are Turning to PEOs to solve their benefits issues.  Find out why in our lead article.
In HR, Steve Boese showed us some charts that explain why ‘There is Almost No One Left to Fill Your Job Openings.’  Add to that SHRM’s article that Most Companies Plan to Staff Up in Q4, and their post earlier this week that Job Openings are Reaching a New High, and it all leads to a very challenging time to find the right people for your company.  Of course, if you need to staff up, give us a call at 888-465-1171 or click the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of our HR page to speak with an eESI HR Business Partner. We can help, it’s what we do.
The tight job market makes Lolly Daskal’s article in Inc., “10 Dumb Things that Make Your Best Employees Quit” all the more important – a good read from Lolly, as they almost always are.
Also in HR, it’s the political season, and studies show its far more divisive than the national election four years ago.  How Do You Talk Politics at Work Without Alienating People?  You can read Harvard Business Review’s article on the subject to get some helpful, practical tips.
In Productivity, Lifehacker published a practical article about ‘The Psychological Origins of Procrastination, and How to Stop Putting Things Off.’  For those of you who sometimes struggle with project deadlines (most of us do at some point), don’t put off reading this.  And, Inc.’s prolific contributor, Jeff Haden, posted an article, ’15 Things Successful People Do Differently to be More Productive’ that can help you get more accomplished in less time – a good read.
In Trends, it’s not just Uber’s ‘self-driving’ cars making their way through the streets of Pittsburgh this week that portend major industry changes. Entrepreneur shows us Four (other) Major Industries Undergoing Revolutions that are changing the American business landscape, and will impact all of us.
In Leadership,  a McKinsey research report points out that maximizing ‘CX’ or Customer Experience centers around four pillars – focus, simplicity, “digital first,” and perceptions.  Their article, The Four Distinctive Pillars of Customer Journeys presents a subtle shift in customer experience approach, from ‘touch points’ to ‘journeys,’ and gives practical advice for business owners wanting to apply the research to improving their customer experience.
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