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A recent article in TLNT reveals the significant increase in FLSA lawsuits – 465% since 1995.  And, with this year’s new OT guidelines set to begin December 1st, you can bet the DOL is ready to enforce the new rules; one can expect an even more significant rise in lawsuits as attorneys realize new revenue streams.  With So Many FLSA Lawsuits, Here’s What You Should Do explains what’s going on and why, and then offers some practical suggestions that can help you protect your company.

Our brief eESI ‘Compliance’ video also provides you a brief summary of the problem facing many small business owners, and gives you a link for advice and a free proposal.

In HR, Your Millennials will Thank You for Offering Pet Insurance explains why this benefit is more highly regarded than in previous generations.  If you want or need it for your company, contact us for a free quote.  Like all our insurance lines, we provide small business owners Fortune 500 benefits that may be hard to come by otherwise.

Entrepreneur’s article, 11 Interview Questions that Trip Everyone Up contains helpful advice whether you’re interviewing or asking the questions of potential new hires.  And, Upbeat Music Makes Employees More Cooperative reveals the findings of a new study that finds the kind of music one plays in the office does affect your employees – something worth reading.

In Personal Productivity, Forbes magazine identifies 6 Killer Tips that will Improve Your Personal Productivity and Profitability – good, practical reading.

Enjoy your Labor Day.