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More companies are hiring, but they are having to increase salary offers to close the right candidates, according to a morning post in SHRM.
According to Roy Maurer’s report, “Hiring increased for 69 percent of employers in the past year, especially in health care, retail and finance, according to respondents. One-third (35 percent) of recruiters anticipate filling 100 or more positions in 2017, up from 26 percent last year. Recruiters expect competition for talent to be most fierce in hospitality (87 percent), manufacturing (79 percent) and health care (78 percent).”  
At the same time, however, a Jobvite survey of 1,600 talent acquistion professionals concluded, according to CEO Dan Finnegan, that, “there simply aren’t enough educated, talented and qualified candidates to keep up with the demand. As a result, recruiters must now go above and beyond by creating a compelling employer brand and an exceptional candidate experience to keep their companies growing.”
At the same time, Magi Graziano, in TLNT yesterday, posted The 5 Hidden Costs of a Mis-Hirean article that reveals the costly problems hiring ‘wrong’ poses to companies.
Together, the confluence of greater competition for candidates, rising salaries, and the hidden risks of ‘wrong’ hiring make it an important time to implement proven hiring strategies to help insure companies get the candidates they need to grow and succeed.
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