Congress passed a bill yesterday delaying implementation of the new OT Rules from the Department of Labor.  This article from SHRM has the details.

In HR, TLNT posted an article entitled, Eldercare: The Invisible Epidemic.  15 million Americans currently care for their parents, and the number is growing rapidly.  Caring for our parents is an important issue and highly respected choice, as it should be; TLNT’s article presents a few ways that companies can help their employees prepare – a helpful read.  On Tuesday, we mentioned that the job market is getting tight as companies prepare to hire late this year and into 2017. .  SHRM’s More Recruiters Raising Salary Offers to Close Candidatescites the research and the numerous ways talent acquisition professionals are preparing to win the fight for the best talent.

Also in HR, there’s a Hitch Preventing Many High-Deductible Healthcare Plans from Covering Chronic Care.  Congress is looking for ways to fix the problem, but the issue is still unsettled.  You’ll find the details in SHRM’s article (a great week for SHRM!)

In Leadership, Entrepreneur posted an article, These 50 Icons Prove You Can Achieve Greatness at Any Age that confirms that success hard work, not age, is the important component in achieving your life’s dreams.   And, TLNT’s The 4 Most Effective Leadership Skills, summarizes McKinsey research about the traits that make for the best hires – a good read for companies and candidates.

Fall is here, leaves will soon be changing, pumpkin patches are opening, and pumpkin spice coffee can now be found in the stores.  Enjoy your Weekend