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News – The iPhone 7 was released this week, and  Apple iPhone 7: Everything You Need to Know provides all the details.  But, if you’re considering whether to go iPhone or Android, then this article, Comparing the iPhone 7 v. the Best Androids will be very helpful.

In HR, 2017 is on the horizon, and year-end benefit plan deadlines are sneaking up.  SHRM put out a summary that you may find helpful: Year-End Benefit Plan Deadlines.  Inc. published an article, The Secret to a Happier Workplace, that reveals the findings of several studies on workplace happiness.  There’s one thing that improves it most, and you’ll find the key in this 3-minute read.  And, the EEOC published a report, EEOC Final Guidelines on Retaliation that companies should read to avoid penalties.  You’ll find it on our website … and, SHRM published a few tips on Open Enrollment you may find useful.  And, Inc’s Matthew Jones’ The Ultimate Way to Increase Motivation, according to Neuroscience shows you the one most important key to achieving goals.

In Trends, Entrepreneur revealed 4 Industries Undergoing a Revolution , and explained the ‘why’ behind the major changes.

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