Simplify Onboarding

Simplify Onboarding

eESI is always searching to simplify the challenges of business.

That includes making the onboarding experience as simple as possible.

Provide Easy and Accurate Onboarding

Simplify Business Challenges


Simplify the onboarding experience by taking advantage of electronic onboarding. Some of the main benefits to electronic onboarding are:

  • Accuracy-  with digital onboarding, your new hire inputs their own personal and financial information, including their address, Social Security number, banking information, and tax information
  • Efficiency- much less time-consuming and can be done at the employee’s pace and time. Onboarding can begin before the employee arrives in the office.
  • Accessibility- Immediate access to the employee portal once the employee registers to begin onboarding.
  • Customizable- ability to add company-specific forms such as employee handbooks or custom policies
  • Secure Storage- Signed forms are automatically saved in the employee’s profile for quick and easy access.
  • Compliance- Ensures I-9 and other forms are filled out properly and in compliance with federal and/or local laws.
  • Savings- no more paper copies, electronic benefits enrollment

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