eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending February 16, 2018, features a look at the latest stock performance news,Google’s new ad blocker, and details about the health benefits that employees want. Plus, tips on hiring, managing your day, and avoiding negative thoughts.

Also, the new federal budget includes several provisions addressing immigration, including mandatory E-Verify participation. We share the breakdown from SHRM’s Roy Mauer. 

Finally, our hearts and prayers go out to the Parkland, Florida community.  Active Shooting incidents are rare, but an unfortunate reality for too many.  We leave you with a good video tutorial with tips on surviving an active shooter event in the unlikely event you or your office should ever experience extreme workplace violence.


Stocks are up and ads get blocked in this week’s business news.

Investors continue to feel the love for U.S. stocks. Reporting on this week’s stock performance in Wall Street builds on rally while Apple shines, Reuters’ Noel Randewich notes that strong quarterly earnings and high expectations kept stocks headed up, despite a few stumbles.


But, there’s no love for bad ads. Valentine’s Day marked the rollout of Google Chrome’s new ad-blocking feature. The Verge’s Tom Warren explains what’s in and what’s out in Google’s Chrome ad blocking arrives today and this is how it works. The new system doesn’t eliminate every ad but should get rid of some of the most annoying ones.


Recruitment and retention may hinge on healthcare benefits.

Employees Are More Likely to Stay if They Like Their Health Plan writes SHRM’s Stephen Miller this week. With benefits accounting for a significant percentage of total compensation, it’s no wonder health benefits are a major consideration for job seekers. Employers who want to keep their workers from jumping ship should offer competitive benefits that meet the needs of their workforce. Find out the trends in today’s article.


Expanding on this theme in High-Deductible Plans More Common, but So Are Choices, Miller explains that what pleases one employee might not please another. Offering employees a choice between high-deductible health plans (HDHP) and preferred provider plans (PPO) can help employers keep everyone happy. Sharing statistics from Benefitfocus, Miller notes that employee use of health savings accounts (HSAs) is on the rise in 2018, particularly among Millennials.  Tune in next month for our podcast on the subject.


This week’s secrets for success, from the writers at Inc.

Success can depend on a number of factors including asking the right questions, taking care of yourself and avoiding negative thoughts. Inc.’s contributors shared some of their best tips this week on all three of these topics.

First, when it comes to hiring, finding the right candidate depends on asking the right questions. Leadership From the Core’s Marcel Schwantes tells Inc. readers how it’s done in 20 Interview Questions That Will Reveal a Superstar Job Candidate.

Next, not all breaks are created equal says Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby in The Right Way to Take Breaks, According to Science (and an 8-Year-Old Kid). She refers us to Daniel Pink’s book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing for more details.

Finally, Inc. contributor Lolly Daskal warns us not to let negative thoughts drag us down. The CEO of Lead From Within explains the dangers of toxic thinking in 7 Toxic Thoughts You Need to Stop Now (If You Want to Succeed).


It’s time to check your compliance. The President’s 2019 Federal budget proposal includes mandatory e-Verify participation and other immigration enforcement measures.

In Trump Budget Calls for Mandatory Nationwide E-Verify Use, SHRM’s Roy Mauer details the various immigration provisions that will come into play in 2019. In addition to mandatory E-Verify participation, employers should expect to see more workplace inspections and I-9 audits, Miller writes. There’s plenty of time to perform your own audits now to ensure your business is in compliance. 


Preparing for tragedy is an unpleasant reality.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the latest victims of tragedy, the Parkland, Florida community.  No one wants to imagine their workplace or child’s school under siege. However, it is wise to be prepared.  This video may help save your life, and that of others, in the unlikely event you ever encounter an active shooter.