eESI’s Practical Tips For Managers Podcast Asks: Why is HR So Hard?

Why is HR so hard?

If you operate a small business you may already know the answer to the question, why is HR so hard? Each year, new federal, state and municipal laws are passed that affect how businesses large and small handle employment matters. From the moment you hire your first employee and even during the hiring process, various […]

Positive GDP Report and Rate Hike from the Fed | $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill | eESI HR, Wellness, and Benefits Briefs | 5th Circuit Fails to Resolve Fiduciary Question

eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending March 23, looks at the latest economic news from the Fed and Congress’s $1.3 Trillion spending bill. Plus, we have a full slate of eESI exclusive briefs covering HR, wellness, and benefits. Also, what duty do financial advisors owe to retirement plan participants? The Supreme Court […]

August 31 – FLSA Lawsuits are Increasing … Here’s What You Should Do

CLICK THIS LINK FOR A FREE PROPOSAL OR TO LEARN MORE. A recent article in TLNT from Amy Bailey at Coopers Lybrand, FLSA Lawsuits are Increasing – Here’s What You Should Do, documents the staggering increase in FLSA lawsuits – 465% since 1995.  Expect that number to increase significantly with the new OT rules set […]