eESI Week’s Best For Small Business for the week ending February 9, 2018, includes more news of an economy on the rise, a stock market correction, and a look at the latest cyber security procedures. Plus, we uncover what the future holds for the recruitment industry and how AI can help your small business. And finally, in HR news, the benefits of offering dental care and what to do to avoid EEOC retaliation charges. 


Jobless claims remained at near record-setting lows in January.

Reporting on the latest U.S. figures in Jobless claims drop 9,000 to 221,000, remain near 45-year low, MarketWatch’s Jeffrey Bartash tells us that jobless claims in the U.S. have now been below 300,000 for 153 weeks in a row – only 220,000 this week. In January, 200,000 additional jobs were added to the U.S. economy. As the market for workers tightens, wages have begun to increase too. Bartash reports that annual hourly pay rose 2.9%.

Though the underlying fundamentals of the U.S. economy are very good, the U.S. stock market itself is experiencing volatility.  What next?  Marketwatch sees the volatility as simple corrections taking the market back to December levels, with an expectation of slow, sustainted growth;  CNBC provides historical perspective that says the near future will probably depend on the severity of the correction … everyone is watching.


Cyber security continues to be a pressing issue for organizations of all sizes.

As 2018 unfolds, Forbes contributor Julian Mitchell writes that cyber security needs to evolve to keep up with new threats. In How Machine Learning and Other Tech Trends Will Disrupt Cyber Security in 2018, Mitchell shares advice and insights from Red Canary CEO, Brian Beyer. Beyer warns that a shortage of qualified professionals and lack of vigilance are significant problems in the industry. To survive the coming age, companies will need to become more proactive at detecting and stopping threats.


How do your company’s cyber security efforts measure up?

You aren’t alone when it comes to tackling the issue of cyber security for your business. To find out how your security efforts measure up, and learn what you can do to improve your protection, download eESI’s free Cyber Security HR Toolkit. With over 50 pages of information and tips, our guide will help you ensure that your business is prepared for the next cyber threat.  

Cybersecurity Cyber-security Toolkit guide to business cyber security


21st Century recruiting turns to technology for efficient talent searches.

The impact of artificial intelligence on all aspects of our lives continues to be a major topic of discussion in 2018. Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify Talent, highlights the impact of AI and other technologies on hiring practices in his article for Forbes, A Glimpse Into the Future of Recruiting. Schmidt writes that technology will never take the human element completely out of recruiting, but it will have a continuous impact on how the process is managed.


AI can help your business grow.

With more on how AI will shape our future, Inc. contributor John Boitnott writes 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Transform Your Small Business.  From lead generation to product development, he reveals the tools that are available to small business owners right now … 

HI (Human Intelligence) ain’t so bad either.

In How to Work Less and Achieve More, SHRM’s Morten T. Hansen recommends that we not only ‘work smarter, not harder,’ but that we also focus on adding value. When approaching our work, we shouldn’t focus on the number of hours spent on the job but whether those hours efficiently deliver value. He advises us to consider the benefit, quality and efficiency of our work and makes suggestions to help us make the smartest use of our time.


What to do if the EEOC has a problem with you.

In a February 7, 2018 report, EEOC: Retaliation Makes Up Almost Half of Discrimination Charges, SHRM’s online staff writers have put together a list of steps to take if your business receives a notice of charges from the EEOC. The tips are based on the EEOC’s own guidance. Some of the highlights? Employers facing charges should carefully review the notice and make sure that their responses are timely and complete. Also, businesses may be able to take advantage of confidential mediation to resolve claims. And, of course, when in doubt, seek legal counsel.


Adding dental to your employee’s healthcare options keeps them healthy and smiling.

While it’s not the most glamorous benefit, offering your employees preventive dental care as part of their benefits package may save them and you money. In Preventive Dental Benefits Save Employers Money, Studies Find, SHRM’s Stephen Miller reports that regular dental care can lead to early identification of other, more serious health conditions.


Best of the Super Bowl Ads, in case you missed them … 

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