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Now that the Olympics are finished, you might like to know that ‘Texas Won the Olympics,’ at least according to Leif Reigstad at Texas Monthly.

In HR, a Federal Court Struck Down Implementation of President Obama’s Transgender Guidelines in Texas schools, at least until the case is settled at the Supreme Court.  And, Connecticut’s High Court Sided with the Employee Fired for Smoking Pot on the Job.  The case was a victory for arbitration and second chances, but the opinion also included an odd and disconcerting statement.  Noted eESI’s own Corey Hookstra quizzically after reading the opinion, “using an illegal vice to escape issues at work is good character?”  Keep an eye on the court progression of marijuana at work cases …

In Personal Productivity, there has been a lot written about finding your passion.  So much of it is theoretical and impractical for the majority of people working to support a family.  But ‘The Myths and Realities of Doing What You Love’  from Lifehacker adds a much-needed balance while still encouraging people to do something they enjoy.  Even better, the Olympic Gold Medal story of USA’s Gwen Jorgensen provides a different approach to that subject as it reveals how someone with significant responsibilities was able to achieve great success doing something love, though they weren’t gold medal in any one category – inspiring reading.  And, if you find yourself hungry at work, constantly snacking, you might want to read ‘Always Hungry?  5 Surprise Reasons It May Be‘ by Inc’s Chris Matyszczyk.  According to Chris, research now shows that the reason you’re reaching for those snacks may have very little to do with the need for food.

And in Trends, the Wharton School at Penn has produced an interesting report about, “The Forces Shaping the Future of Work.‘  Though the report summary is a little longer (5+ minutes), it will help you see and prepare for the real changes coming in the workforce.

Enjoy your week.