As we welcome the month of May, eESI takes a moment to ponder the news and resources that shaped our opinions in April.  From using voluntary benefits to win the hiring game to keeping your workers safe, here’s what you may have missed. 


Using voluntary benefits to win talent in a tight labor market

A shrinking labor pool forces employers to get creative when competing for talent.

The number of available workers is shrinking and employers still have jobs to fill. Can offering voluntary benefits set your business apart from the crowd?


First, let’s look at the numbers. Is the hiring environment really that bad?

According to Forbes contributor Bill Conerly, yes.

In The Scariest Chart For Business In the Coming Decade: Workers Not Available – he warns that the days of readily available labor are coming to an end as Baby Boomers leave the workforce and working-age population growth declines.


Jeffry Bartash of Market Watch reports that the bad times have already arrived in Open Jobs, Few Takers: Good Help Hardest to Find in a Decade, Hiring Survey Shows. Reporting on a recent economic survey, Bartash writes that “90% of American companies have job openings.”


What can employers do to attract and retain top talent in this tight labor market?

As more employers compete to hire fewer available workers, it takes more than competitive wages to stand out from the crowd. SHRM’s Stephen Miller advises employers to offer something more in Voluntary Benefits Essential, Not Fringe.  


HRDive’s Valerie Bolden-Barrett offers similar advice. In Career Development to Top Total Rewards in Coming Years, she cites several recent studies indicating that employees favor career development, flexible schedules, and voluntary benefits when it comes to choosing an employer.  Bolden-Barrett drives the point home in Study: More employees are using HSA’s, voluntary benefits, referencing a State of Employee Benefits–2018 Regional Edition report.


Do you need help crafting a voluntary benefits program that will help you attract the employees you need to keep your business running smoothly?

We’ve created a ‘Voluntary Benefits Guide’ to give you advice, answer your questions, and use ‘voluntary benefits’ to help you attract and retain great employees. 



Voluntary Benefits for Employees Setting up a Plan

OSHA compliance failures continue to be costly  


Prioritizing worker safety is essential for their benefit and yours.


OSHA safety rules have been in place for decades.  Why do employers still not observe some of the basics? Take a look at our round up of top workplace safety tips and hear from eESI’s own experts about what you can do to keep your employees safe and your business off OSHA’s radar. 


What are employers getting wrong when it comes to workplace safety?

Each year OSHA publishes a list of the top ten citation categories for recorded violations. The list changes very little from year to year, demonstrating that employers aren’t getting the message when it comes to ensuring safety in these areas. Are you?


Check out the Top 10 OSHA Violations for 2017 by Lisa Nagele-Piazza at SHRM for a quick refresher on what to avoid. Also, take a look at this list of Top 10 Preventable Workplace Incidents by the National Safety Council for tips on making your workplace safer.


Finally, this article at the SFM website features its expert list of Top 7 workplace safety tips. From identifying hazards to employee education, reducing workplace injuries can save employers time and money and keep employees safe and healthy.


What are the consequences of failing to comply with OSHA safety regulations?

To help employers better understand the risks of failing to comply with workplace safety and health laws, the team at eESI put together a podcast titled Workplace Safety and the Potential Risk Cost. Take a moment to listen to eESI safety experts John Titus and Charlene Ledford Layne explain just what can go wrong when employers fail to maintain a safe workplace.



As the labor pool continues to shrink, employers are going to have to step up their recruitment game


Do you have the skills to sell the benefits of working at your business to prospective employees? This article at Inc. explaining how the top 1% of sales people get prospects to yes might help. In Top Earning Salespeople Use This 1 Easy Strategy to Outperform Everyone Else, Darren Marble tells us top salespeople know how to ask the right questions to find out just what their prospect wants and needs.


Sounds easy, right? To create a salary and benefits plan that will keep your employees happy and attract new hires, ask them what they want. The answers may surprise you.



Enjoy Your Weekend.