Earlier this week, the president opted out of the Paris Climate Accord.  If one were to read media reports, it seemed business leaders were all aligned against the move; but, the truth was different.  The Street reports that the markets reacted swiftly and optimistically to the decision, jumping 20 points during his speech, and closing at a record high of 21,142 Marketwatch reported that May’s jobs report showed modest gains in the private sector, but, also the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years.

In Sales & Marketing, ListenTrust CEO Craig Handley shares the unconventional approach that built his company in the Entrepreneur post,  6 Ways to Build a Billion Dollar Business.

In Leadership,  Knowledge@Wharton published Myth v. Reality: 4 Traits That Define Successful Leaders – an interview with the leaders of a 10 year study on the subject … Harvard Business Review’s How to Have a Difficult Conversation When You Don’t Like Conflict provides a few tips that can guide you through those tough discussions … and, Inc. posted ‘The One Reason People Quit Their Jobs‘ – a post that explores the importance of managers to employee engagement, and that focuses on the 4 traits of successful managers that retain your best talent.

In Risk, Risk Management Monitor reveals that Ransomware Attacks Are Increasing – especially in the U.S..  Small Businesses are a target, and you can learn more about how to protect yourself by contacting eESI at +1(210)495-1171.

In Trends, SHRM reveals the ways Artificial Intelligence Changes Skills Needs. Among the examples cited is Goldman Sachs, which removed nearly 600 trading jobs in the past 17 years in favor of automation – worth reading.

Enjoy Your Weekend.