eESI August 4 Week’s Best: Hiring Heats Up, Retirement Health Benefit Woes,

States Get High (Tax Revenue) from Marijuana, and Tips for Closing the Sale


This week: Employers want to hire, employees want to retire. Plus, legalized marijuana brings revenue to states but at what cost to businesses? Also, HBR talks about ABC (always be closing). And, a featured video with an important message about your cell phone.

You can’t always get what you want.


If you haven’t realized it yet, TLNT wants you to know that hiring top talent is about to get tough. Andrew Graft’s article, The War for Talent is About to Go Nuclear. Here’s Why and What You Can Do, puts us all on notice. He’s not the only one sounding the alarm, CBS This Morning also warns us this week that “employers are struggling to find qualified workers.”

If you have plenty of employees, it might not be because they love to come to work every day. SHRM reports that the Early Retirement Health Care Quandary Keeps Workers on the Job. But, as the article notes, savvy employers might see this as an opportunity — offering solid retirement benefits could tip the scales for job candidates weighing their options.


But what about drug-free workplaces?


Once upon a time, the federal government encouraged employers to establish drug-free workplaces. And while the feds still say no to drugs, states are starting to say yes. Why wouldn’t they? HuffPost reports that Colorado has seen more than half a billion dollars in tax revenue in just three-and-a-half years of legal marijuana sales. Yes — that’s a “b.” According to Forbes, the cannabis industry is definitely a thing.

Employers who aren’t covered by federal safety-sensitive employee rules may be facing some tough choices as more states begin to allow recreational marijuana use.


In recruiting or sales, relationships matter.

In 7 Reasons Salespeople Don’t Close the Deal, Harvard Business Review reminds us that the art of selling is all about forming relationships and demonstrating value. While some things in life may change, the keys to closing are still know, trust, and like.

Speaking of change, Tripp and Tyler want you to know that the 80’s are over. Their phone tips in this video are spot-on and funny too.  

Btw, if you meet us for lunch, we promise not to touch your phone.